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Put an end to manual, disconnected, and inefficient translation processes. With the XTM Translation Platform, you can easily deploy your content in any language, at any time, while maintaining full visibility, accuracy, and control.

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Translation Management

Do you need to centralize your language assets, better leverage previously translated content, and automate your localization process? With XTM Cloud TMS, you can achieve a single source of truth, enter new markets faster, connect to your favorite tools via XTM Connect, and fully automate localization processes.

Translation Business and Vendor Management

Want to elevate your project and vendor managers’ efficiency with smart automation and AI, reduce time spent on mundane tasks, and double profitability and output overnight? With XTRF by XTM, you can deliver more translation in less time, monitor projects and track profitability, automate translation workflows, and more.

Software Localization

Ready to streamline your software localization process by separating it from your development efforts and leveraging dynamic visual context? With Rigi by XTM, you can accelerate agile development, empower linguists to work independently, maintain up-to-date localized documentation, and more.



Localizing and deploying material across multiple regions is complex. You need localization software that is simple, scalable, and robust. XTM provides a translation platform that will help you deliver your content localized into multiple languages faster and more cost-effectively, allowing you to land into new markets more quickly and easily.

  • Increase Localization Productivity

    Leverage advanced workflow management and intelligent automation.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage

    Localize your content in a fraction of the time and maintain your brand voice and image wherever you go.

  • Grow Globally, Faster

    Reach more people, in more languages, with more content than ever before.

Go global


Save time, cut down on excessive email communication, and reduce manual actions using XTM connectors. Integrate XTM’s localization tools with your existing content systems and other solutions to streamline and automate your localization workflow.

  • Seamless File Management

    Create translation projects directly from your favorite interface.

  • Time-saving Workflows

    Create and use fully customizable and automated workflows to speed up your localization projects.

  • Eliminate Manual Work

    Content is automatically sent to XTM Cloud and then pushed back into your platform, erasing the need for tedious manual work.

Increase efficiency


Increase your efficiency by harnessing the power of automation. With the XTM Translation Platform, you can automate manual processes, reduce costs and turnaround times, and enhance your content quality.

  • Use Project Templates

    Save valuable time by configuring all settings for repetitive projects just once.

  • Leverage Machine Translation

    Deploy machine translation to streamline and accelerate localization of content into multiple languages.

  • Effortless Communication

    Create an effective translation management environment without unnecessary delays thanks to automatic notifications and real-time communication on a single platform.

Unleash potential

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a basic need in translation technology and is changing how companies gain a competitive advantage. XTM AI teaches machines how human language works, training computers to understand and recognize the nuances of human language to improve translation productivity.

  • Faster Time to Market

    Leverage the latest AI technologies to translate your content more quickly and go to market in a fraction of the time.

  • More Content + Better Content

    AI localization technology allows you to increase your content output with the same resources and time, which means better quality and happier customers.

  • Embrace the Future

    XTM’s features enable you to harness the full power of AI for your translations and leverage the technology of the future, today.

Customer testimonials

XTM Cloud forms a big global ecosystem of seamlessly connected accounts to which thousands of users connect daily. Overall, the result is better quality with fewer resources.”
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XTM’s technical support is fast and helpful. They always solved our issues efficiently. The tool is so simple and fast, accessible from any computer, a lot better than Trados and Smartling. It also increases my speed as a translator. I changed computer… once and was able to authorize the device and start translating there in seconds, which is very good!
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As a company which provides services to other brands, our service needs to be as efficient as possible. The improvements in localization quality and productivity brought about by the implementation of XTM Cloud were absolutely key.”
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With Rigi, everyone is in control. Localization can keep up with the pace of development. We can now ship new features to the market in all languages faster than ever.
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XTRF’s file management capabilities and invoicing procedures have also made life far easier for internal providers and have freed up time for them to focus on other important tasks.
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XTM Connect

Save time, cut down on excessive email communication, and reduce manual actions using XTM connectors. Integrate XTM Cloud with your existing content systems, and other solutions to streamline and automate the localization workflow.

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