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The next level of Visual Editor

The next level of Visual Editor

XTM Visual Editor for Adobe InDesign

Translate and review Adobe InDesign digital and print publications in context to streamline your localization workflow, reduce the DTP work, prevent mistranslations and avoid costly rework. Resolve issues early to deliver projects in budget and without delays.

  • Previews updated in real time
  • Easy navigation between pages
  • Support for INDD and IDML files
The next level of security

The next level of security

New login methods

Implement single sign on to reduce administration and improve your user’s experience. Also introduce two step verification to ensure that your data can only be viewed by authorised personnel.

  • 2-step verification
  • Single sign-on with SAML 2
  • Single sign-on with OAuth
The next level of localization

The next level of localization

Integration with RIGI

Translate software strings while viewing an interactive preview of the application interface. RIGI provides the translator with all the contextual information required to provide accurate translations and the correct grammatical forms, first time.

  • WYSIWYG visual context
  • ID-based localization
  • Ideal for in-country review
The next level of time management

The next level of time management

Automated due date calculation

Specify the duration of each step in the workflow as a percentage of the whole time allocated for the project to enjoy automatic due date calculation for new projects. Forget about setting deadlines manually and save time managing translation projects.

  • Automatic calculation of due dates
  • Workflow specific configuration
  • Great time savings

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The next level of automation','xtm'); ?>

The next level of automation

XTM Connect for Marketo

Localize emails, forms & landing pages effortlessly using the XTM integration for Marketo. Eliminate manual tasks from the localization process, reduce the email overload and enjoy a seamless, automated localization process.

  • Simple configuration
  • Creation of multilingual projects
  • User friendly interface
The next level of productivity

The next level of productivity

SYSTRAN Pure Neural® MT

Reduce your costs by boosting linguist productivity in XTM by deploying SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Machine Translation. Significantly improve the quality of translations by optimizing neural networks in a post-training process called Specialization.

  • Translation costs reduction
  • GDPR-compliant translation workflows
  • Customizable, specialized neural engines
The next level of convenience

The next level of convenience

XTM Connect for Google Sheets

Transform the way your content and localization teams cooperate. Send your content for localization directly from Google Sheets and receive the translated text back into specified columns. Avoid copy/pasting or file exports, save time and prevent document version conflicts.

  • Controls integrated in Google Sheets
  • Translation returned automatically
  • Prevents document version conflicts
The next level of productivity

The next level of connectivity

XTM Connect for TeamSite

Translate your website content & marketing campaigns using XTM Connect for TeamSite. Drive your brand, user-experience & sales higher by easily localizing more content. Optimize your translation processes, abandon manual steps, and automate the push and pull of content.

  • Automated workflow
  • Convenient design
  • Quick to learn
The next level of efficiency

The next level of efficiency

Amazon Translate NMT

Localize your content more effectively using Amazon Translate, a fast and affordable neural machine translation engine. Based on deep learning models, Amazon Translate provides more accurate and natural translations where human translation teams cannot keep up with the pace.

  • Based on deep learning algorithms
  • Fast and affordable
  • More accurate and natural translations
The next level of cost management

The next level of cost management

New cost-oriented user roles

Stay in control of your localization budget. Make sure it is spent most efficiently by entrusting a Cost Approver role to someone from your team who will work closely with a Cost Manager. Only projects with approved costs can be started.

  • Cost effective workflow
  • Automated email notifications
  • Full control over your budget

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