XTM Cloud v12delivering higher translation productivity

XTM Workbench Visual Mode

The latest version of XTM provides a completely new XTM Workbench experience, with the all-new Visual Mode for in-context translation. The v12.2 release offers the benefits of a fully-featured translator environment, together with a WYSIWYG preview of the source and target file. Score translation quality with the new LQA module by classifying error types within a document. It's only a click away in the XTM Workbench docked panel.

The game-changing Visual mode in XTM Workbench
  • Translate in-context with interactive previews
  • Evaluate translation quality with the new LQA module
  • Discover great new integrations
  • Benefit from the brand new API methods

New XTM Workbench

Redeveloped using cutting edge technology, the new translation environment comes with a clean and intuitive interface. Thanks to close collaboration with professional linguists, we hope to surpass your expectations by providing an outstanding user experience. XTM Workbench will make a world of difference - try it to improve your productivity!

  • Top menu

    More ergonomic and user-friendly

    More ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Segment status column

    Packed with information

    New, easy to find draft segment status
  • Status bar

    Real-time work progress

    Real-time work progress with new status bar
  • Docked panel

    Important segment data at a glance

    Quick access to important options with docked panel
  • Advanced navigation

    Context menu with customizable shortcuts

    Context menu with customizable shortcuts
  • Automatic scrolling

    Additional segments load automatically

    Greater efficiency with improved matches

XTM Workbench advantage

A good translation environment is paramount for efficient translation. This is why XTM Workbench has been completely redeveloped to follow industry standards and ensure maximum productivity. Now whatever you translate, you will spend less time as your productivity increases. Use all the enhancements to your advantage to become efficient right away!

  • Information visibility

    Important information has been moved to the configurable docked panel.

  • Improved translation speed

    Accelerate your translation with easily configurable repetitions and with the enhanced find and replace option.

  • Greater scalability

    The latest web technology delivers significantly improved performance as more linguists work in the editor.

  • More powerful QA

    Run QA checks on all visible segments.

Stay productive with XTM Cloud v12

XTM v12 is about improved performance, productivity, and convenience. Powered by artificial intelligence and enhanced with new REST API methods, this game-changing release is set to automate your translation management with innovative technology at the core. Meet the new XTM v12 and get up to speed with your localization projects!

Intuitive localization workflows
  • Complete editor redesign

    The new XTM Workbench optimizes the use of screen real estate.

  • Superior ease of use

    Improve your user experience with a clean, uncluttered interface.

  • AI-driven automation

    Benefit from AI to enhance existing automation and improve quality.

  • Automation via REST API

    Connect XTM with third-party software and automate your translation management.

Take a tour of XTM Workbench

Take a look at the new editor.

XTM Cloud 12 - video

XTM Cloud 12

New XTM Workbench - viedo

New XTM Workbench

Manage your projects with the XTM mobile app for tablets

The XTM mobile app for tablets is here! Now iOS and Android users can take advantage of bigger screens and more user-friendly interface to manage their projects more efficiently. Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play and stay on top of your ongoing projects anytime, anywhere.

  • Work on localization projects away from desk

    Have access to critical project information when you are out of office.

    Keep control of your localization projects when away from computer
  • Superb user experience on tablets

    Get a wholesome experience with the clean design and increased screen real estate from project's start to finish.

    Excellent user experience on tablets
  • Manage projects offline

    Work effortlessly without access to internet.

    Manage projects offline
  • Track translation progress

    Keep track of projects that are due soon, in progress, and complete, with ease.

    Monitor translation progress
XTM mobile app

Learn how to benefit from XTM Cloud v12!

XTM Academy

New XTM connectors for your content management system

XTM v12 expands our range of off-the-shelf connectors for leading content management systems. Seamlessly deliver multilingual content across the globe in a fraction of time. Automate your translation workflows, reduce costs and improve quality by eliminating manual work. Use the XTM connectors to grow your global presence now.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Efficiently create ecommerce experiences in more languages using XTM Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Carry out agile translation of all your product data by sending source content to XTM and retrieving translations quickly and easily. Forget long turnaround times, communication errors and budget overruns.

Oracle Eloqua

Use XTM Connect for Oracle Eloqua to effortlessly translate all your marketing assets. Bring the translated content back to Oracle at the click of a button. Reduce administrative costs, avoid troublesome file exchanges and reduce human errors. Rapid, problem-free content localization is now within your reach.

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