Speak to the World with XTM Cloud The Enterprise Translation Management System

The Enterprise Translation Management System
  • Increase Localization Productivity Leverage advanced workflow management and intelligent automation.
  • Create an Integrated Ecosystem Centralize your data and processes with off-the-shelf connectors.
  • Grow Globally, Faster Reach more people, in more languages, with more content than ever before.
The Enterprise Translation Management System

Discover XTM Cloud 13.2: The Pathfinder Release

The newest version of our translation management system is not only more powerful, it also makes it easier for all XTM users to harness that power.

Discover XTM Cloud 13.2

Empowering enterprises to go global at scale

Streamline your localization process

  • Reduce translation costs by up to 50%

    Leverage translation memories to decrease the cost of localization.

    Reduce translation costs by up to 50%
  • Automate manual localization processes

    Let XTM reduce time, costs and mistakes by automating your manual tasks.

    Automate manual localization processes
  • Translate & review in context

    Localize content in context and see updates in interactive, live previews.

    Translate & review in context
  • Manage localization projects

    Keep on top of your localization projects with powerful workflow tools.

    Manage localization projects
Streamline your localization process
Translation Management Solution

Localizing and deploying material across multiple regions is complex. You need a translation solution that is simple, scalable and robust. XTM translation management system (TMS) will help you deliver your content localized into multiple languages faster and more cost-effectively. Discover XTM

XTM Cloud

XTM Connectors

Send content to XTM for translation directly from your CMS or other system. Use automated translation workflows, machine translation, and post editing to reduce errors, shorten turnaround time, and eliminate repetitive work.

XTM Connectors

XTM App for Project Managers

Download the iOS and Android XTM app for project managers. Instantly find and access your localization projects on the move using smart filters. Monitor the progress with up to the minute metrics, create new projects and assign resources to tasks in the translation workflow.

XTM Mobile App