AI-enhanced TM

Uncovering perfect translation matches that were there all along

How can we meet the global demand for brand-consistent multilingual content? With game-changing clarity between machine translation and TM powered by SYSTRAN and XTM. Partially leveraged TM matches are automatically completed through MT to achieve a working match. Millions of incomplete strands are transformed into complete, persuasive multilingual messages.

AI-enhanced TM – the perfect match, and it was there all along

AI-enhanced TM combines cutting-edge Translation Memory (TM) and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) functionality and creates something greater than the sum of its parts. It enables the machine translation engine to work with mid-level fuzzy matches (75% – 84% match) to deliver full matches. Where a sentence has been partially translated previously, and is therefore stored in the TM, the NMT engine fills in the missing words to deliver the best possible match. AI-enhanced TM takes untapped data and converts it into persuasive multilingual communication.

Why AI-enhanced TM, and why now?

Oceans of data are created online every day, and increasing amounts of that data are required in multiple languages.

Previously, Translation Memory and the Machine Translation Engine worked side-by-side but not in harmony, with the TM mainly used for “training” the MT engine. Now, in a self-sustaining, interactive process, the Neural Machine Translation Engine effectively trains itself on the fly using the translation memory, opening the door to high quality translation at scale.

Where a sentence is already partially translated, the NMT engine can leverage existing matches and fill in the missing words to deliver a full translation. The segment is completed instantly, requiring little or no rework.

These partial matches, amounting to millions of words, have been dangling on a branch within sight of translators and project managers, but tantalizingly just out of reach. Now, with AI-enhanced TM, we can reach and use these assets, saving unprecedented amounts of time and money.

What Are the Benefits of AI-enhanced TM?

The uncovering and usability of high volumes of existing partial translations will bring unprecedented cost savings. It’s that simple and that valuable.

AI-enhanced TM maintains a consistent brand voice, using existing, approved language from the TM to deliver consistent, persuasive messaging.

The skyrocketing demand for multilingual data cannot be met by human linguists alone. AI-enhanced TM is tailor-made to help meet that demand.

AI-enhanced TM creates value in dormant language assets that were previously assets in name only. It completes the incomplete.

AI-enhanced TM delivers enhanced NMT output without the cost or delay of manual engine training with bilingual texts such as TMs or glossaries.

Reduction in review and approval cycles speeds projects to delivery and speeds products to market, with no compromise on quality.

AI-enhanced TM Use Cases

Technical manuals
A technical manual updated with each product upgrade might have enough points of difference to make many sentences mid-level fuzzy matches. AI-enhanced TM converts those fuzzy matches to accurate translations, preserving terminology and style leveraged via the TM.
Due diligence for mergers involves repeated document reviews. Where those reviews require manual translation of mid-level fuzzy match segments, costs rise and the process slows. AI-enhanced TM delivers instant-match results that stay true to each language and legal system.

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