Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the technology transforming translation

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the language industry, creating automated content faster and more human-like than ever before. Implementing AI has become key in order to gain or maintain competitive advantage, accelerating processes such as digitization, content creation and translation—XTM AI enables you to do just that.

AI in numbers

  • 84% of businesses adopt AI because they believe it gives them a competitive advantage

  • 77% of businesses are using or exploring AI

  • AI can increase business productivity by 40%

XTM AI Principles

Our commitment to developing responsible AI

Empower Customers to Scale

XTM AI has been and always will be developed with the user in mind, providing tailored tools that enhance productivity. Our AI features are customizable, giving you complete control over deployment to suit your business needs.

Guarantee Transparency

At XTM, transparency is key. We openly communicate about the AI features that we develop, test and release. You will always be informed about the release, capabilities, as well as limitations of our AI-powered features. That way, you can make informed decisions, and decide to opt in and opt out at any point.

Keep Your Data SAFE

We commit to safeguarding your data with the highest security and compliance standards. Our AI solutions prioritize the protection and confidentiality of your sensitive information throughout all processes. Unlike other platforms, we will never use, collect, or process your data to train AI models or customize our AI-driven solutions.

Make ourselves Accountable

These principles guide our entire organization, and our executive team holds us accountable for making sure these principles are followed. Through ongoing commitment to these principles, we maintain integrity and prioritize the interests of our customers.

XTM Cloud AI Features

New: XTM AI Smart Context (Beta)

Setting New Standards in Translation Quality

XTM AI SmartContext is a powerful tool that leverages the power of GPT-3.5 Turbo, combined with its unparalleled capability of generating translations based on fuzzy matches, ensuring higher-quality, consistent, and faster translations. This feature is particularly beneficial for enterprises that require consistent style and quality without having to spend time and resources on training or customizing any models. Leveraging OpenAI’s technology, it provides unmatched translation quality while adhering to our strict ethical guidelines, ensuring your data is always safe.

AI-Powered Quality Checks (Beta)

Safeguard your brand image with AI quality checks

  • Inclusive Language Checks: Foster communication that is sensitive, diverse, and inclusive.
  • Inappropriate/Offensive Language Checks: Safeguard your content by identifying and eliminating inappropriate language.
  • Quality Threshold Checks: Set and surpass quality standards with confidence by setting quality thresholds that will flag any segment that falls under your standards.
Weighted Token Levenshtein (WTL)

Leverage more matches from your translation memory

WTL is XTM’s proprietary algorithm for translation memory leveraging. Unlike Q-gram, the industry standard that examines phrases and searches for corresponding character patterns, WTLV generates fuzzy matches by considering and recognizing the syntax of the segments in the localization project, and is able to spot matches that normally wouldn’t be recognized.

Automatic Placement of Inline Tags

Save 200 hours per month with 98% accuracy, including on machine-translated segments

Having to place inline tags manually is one of the most time-consuming tasks a linguist has to do. XTM Cloud AI automatically recognizes and places these tags in the right place. Using AI, linguists can focus solely on their translation, and the TMS automatically places the tags where they should appear.

Translation Memory Aligner Tool

Save 50 hours during set up while ensuring that your language assets are fully leveraged and content consistency is maintained

Translation Memory (TM) alignment is necessary when localization teams are trying to match source and target segments. Building that TM from scratch would take months of work… AI is able to do that in minutes. During their onboarding, 70% of our users leverage the TM aligner to get started right away and save time.


Bilingual Terminology Extractor

Save 850 hours during set up while guaranteeing content consistency and protecting your brand image globally

Creating a new Terminology database or adding to an existing one can be a tedious, time-consuming task, even if it is only required once a year. With XTM AI, every time a new localization project is created, the TMS analyzes all the content, and finds high-quality terms to be added to the term base, with the right translation automatically included.

AI-enhanced TM

Uncovering perfect translation matches that were there all along

AI-enhanced TM combines cutting-edge Translation Memory (TM) and Neural Machine Translation (NMT) from SYSTRAN, and creates something greater than the sum of its parts. It enables the machine translation engine to work with fuzzy matches to deliver full matches. Where a sentence has been partially translated previously, and is therefore stored in the TM, the NMT engine fills in the missing words to deliver the best possible match.

What Are the Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence Technology in Language Translation?

AI tools in translation also take your translation and localization processes to a whole new level of efficiency. Thanks to their ability to create human-like translations in a matter of seconds that require minimum manual input from linguists, companies are able to localize large volumes of content in a much shorter time span. AI features that ensure the right use of terminology mean using fewer resources while considerably enhancing the quality of the output.

Benefits of AI

Time Savings

AI technology in translation software allows linguists to save valuable time by providing higher-quality MT translations and tools that remove repetitive tasks. Thanks to AI features, you can now automatically add non-translatable content in the right place, align translation memories in a migration process in a matter of minutes, and convert mid-level fuzzy matches into high-fuzzy ones that require far less human input.

This way, translators can focus solely on their translations and optimize their time rather than spend their time on manual, time-consuming actions that do not provide real value.

Benefits of AI

Reduces Costs

Localization technology that supports AI tools enables its users to produce translations at a fraction of the time. This results in being able to create more translated content with the same resources, faster publication times and decreased costs from not having to retranslate text more than once.

Thanks to the efficiency of artificial-intelligence tools and technology, the funds previously intended for tasks that can now be done automatically can be allocated and spent elsewhere.

Benefits of AI

Higher-quality Translations

Every market has its nuances when it comes to content. To ensure that your localized content is on point for every market, artificial-intelligence tools such as term extractors or AI-enhanced TMs ensure that linguists use the right terminology and tone in their translations.

This allows companies to effortlessly capture global audiences with consistent copy to maintain their brand tone and voice and ensure that no forbidden terms are used.

Leverage the latest AI technology with XTM Cloud

Rafał Jaworski
Rafał Jaworski

XTM Cloud’s AI features teach machines how human language works, training computers to understand and recognize the nuances of human language to improve translation productivity and increase quality.”

Rafał Jaworski

Linguistic AI Expert

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