• AI with MT can deal with the repetitive so linguists can focus on creating great content
  • AI can extract meaning from large corpora and have them added to the language asset stack
  • AI can predict what to do next

Three Reasons to Use AI

  • Faster time to market for global content
  • More content with same resources and time
  • Better content means happier customers

Do you have access to the best AI in your translation technology?

XTM AI teaches machines how human language works, training computers to understand and recognize the nuances of human language to improve translation productivity.

We see AI technologies in 3 main groups

  • MT Engine Support

    XTM Cloud supports leading machine translation (MT) engines which include NMT and customized engines. Users can send their content to a machine translation provider from our localization hub, enabling streamlined machine translations from wherever they are.


    The NLP AI framework we have developed called Inter-language Vector Space (ILVS) works out semantic relationships between words across 250 language pairs. Vector Space improves both translation efficiency and quality, supporting localization managers and linguists on tedious tasks.

  • Intelligent Automation (IA)

    Localization Process Automation (LPA) supported by AI connects all parties in the localization workflow. From content creators and translators to project managers and vendors - all of them get to play their part within the one system, all supported by Intelligent Automation.

Everything is AI until it becomes an algorithm

Vector Space enabled functionality

XTM Auto-bilingual term extraction

XTM AI automatically extracts bilingual terms from source and target documents alongside context and frequency of occurrence. The extracted term candidates show high 90% accuracy, so little manual clean up work is needed. Build quality glossaries at lightning speed, and effortlessly capture global audiences with consistent copy.

XTM Auto-inlines

Change of font marker or hyperlinks to match source text can easily be automated in a CAT Tool. XTM Workbench users can rely on XTM AI that automatically transfers them to their exact location in the target segment. Linguists become more productive as they focus on the linguistic task at hand.

XTM Auto-alignment

XTM AI matches your legacy source documents with target texts to build a rich translation memory. This way, you accelerate translation and reduce costs by at least 50%. Benefit from automatic corpus alignment for cost efficient translation.

Find out how XTM NLP AI can impact your productivity and bottom line