Create projects in 3 simple steps

Project templates save time and manual work. Create fully defined projects in seconds.

  • Click *Add project*

  • Name the project, choose a customer and add source files.

  • Select a template. DONE!

Respect your time – use project templates

With project templates you can configure all settings for repetitive projects just once.

  • Start projects automatically

    Shorten the project creation process and maintain quality. Use project templates to reduce the number of manual actions.

  • Automatically assign users

    When translating similar projects, use the same linguists to receive consistent translations.

  • Finish complete files

    Move files, with no work required through the workflow, without assigning them to linguists.

  • Choose source and target languages

    Source and target languages can be defined in project templates so that you do not have to choose them.

  • Specify the localization workflow

    Adjust workflows to your needs and specify how the steps should proceed e.g. simultaneously or consecutively.

  • Set a length limit

    The length of translation is often limited by the available space. Specify length limits that will be respected by translators.

Machine Translation

Deploy machine translation to streamline and accelerate localization of content into multiple languages.


  • Reduce cost, keep quality with XTM & MT efficiency
  • Increase translator throughput
  • Send feedback for retraining or adaptive MT
  • Record time of MT-assissted translation
  • Pretranslate files or use MT suggestions
Machine Translation

Effortless communication

Efficient communication creates effective translation management. Automatic email notifications reduce manual work.

  • Provide key information

    Include useful project data in emails, such as word count

  • Add your email to notifications

    Appear as the sender of XTM notifications

  • Customize your messages

    Adjust different parts of notifications to your needs

  • Keep users up-to-date

    Automatically send email notifications about allocated tasks