Translate your content using an All-in-One localization platform

  • All projects in one place

    All projects in one place

    XTM supports a wide variety of source formats. You can translate all your owner manuals, user guides & training materials, aftermarket documentation, websites, digital media, HMI displays, and voice commands using a single, reliable localization tool.

  • In-market, in-context, in-XTM

    In-market, in-context, in-XTM

    Translation and in-country review can be carried out in XTM’s unique Visual Editor. You can dramatically reduce the time-to-market by performing the translation and in-context editing online. Save weeks by removing re-print costs and increasing quality.

  • Automated push & pull of content

    Automated push & pull of content

    XTM connects to external systems to automatically send new or updated content for translation. Translated files are returned without any manual intervention, ready for publishing in multiple languages. Use XTM’s powerful SOAP & REST APIs to quickly build the integrations.

Efficient global delivery of owner manuals and aftermarket documentation

  • Localization of DITA made easy

    Localization of DITA made easy

    Translate DITA publications with ease. Merge files effortlessly or join them together in convenient packages, then navigate through DITA topics during translation or display the whole publication in-context for a layout review. XTM DITA handling capabilities are the best in the market!

  • Quality control & vendor assessment

    Quality control & vendor assessment

    Improve the quality of translations using built-in verification tools and introduce additional linguistic correction steps in the workflow. Perform the final review in the visual context and assess the quality of translations. XTM powerful features allow you to retain full control of the process and make better informed vendor selections in the future.

  • Better reuse for greater savings

    Better reuse for greater savings

    Translate owner & workshop manuals at a fraction of the normal cost. Translation memory, at the heart of XTM, automatically saves completed translations for reuse. New or updated source texts are compared against the TM to provide matches, greatly reducing the cost of translation.

  • Benefit from integrated machine translation

    Benefit from integrated machine translation

    XTM integrates with multiple machine translation engines, which can be used either to provide complete automated translations without any intervention or as an additional aid to human translators. When post-editing is required XTM provides the ideal platform, and can automatically fed back the corrected text to the MT system for retraining.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I save using XTM?

    You can translate all your content using XTM. The more you translate, the more content is leveraged from translation memory. Depending on the nature of the projects, you can save even more than 80% of the total translation costs using XTM.

  • Can I connect XTM to a CMS?

    Yes, XTM supports a variety of popular CMSs such as Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, Sitecore or Drupal. By choosing to automate the connection between the systems, you can greatly improve your localization workflow.

  • Why XTM is better than other solutions?

    All translation resources are stored online in the cloud. Users do not have to waste time downloading files or installing software. The whole translation process takes place in a unified, secure environment with all the required tools and data at your fingertips. Reliable & accessible 24/7, XTM provides great savings, and the most seamless localization workflow.

  • What are the costs?

    XTM is based on a concurrent licensing model, so you can share licenses across all your users and suppliers. Licenses are only in use when specific users are logged in to the system. When they have logged out, the licenses are then available for someone else to use. Please contact us and the team will help you determine the number of licenses you need.

  • Can XTM handle CAD drawings?

    XTM can process dwg file formats. This allow a translator to translate contents in CAD files in a browser without the need to have any technical drawing application.

  • Is there any volume limitation?

    XTM has been designed with a service orientated architecture and using the power of the cloud, XTM is able to infinitely scale to deliver massive volumes.

  • Can my local dealers and distributors access content to be reviewed?

    Yes, XTM enables globally any OEM dealers, agents and stakeholders with the correct access rights to log in to the XTM platform, review the translated content in-context using the Visual Editor or using the standard XTM Editor. All comments, changes and the change history are stored just like the translation itself. Tasks can then be tracked in real-time as part of the workflow.