Adobe Summit 2022 – Setting the agenda for digital communication
Adobe Summit 2022 – Setting the agenda for digital communication illustration
AuthorDavid Jones
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The Adobe Summit 2022 is over, but the topics discussed and the ideas generated will shape digital communication for months and years to come. XTM is proud to have sponsored this excellent event and all that remains today is for us to say thank you to the people whose hard work and expertise made it such a success.

Thank you to Eric Matisoff, Jennifer Kunz and Frederik Werner for highlighting an analytical approach to decision making that pays clear dividends.

Thank you to Venu Tavisala for adding to our understanding of marketing automation.

Thank you to Jessica Kao and Max Maurier for reminding us that the story we tell is at least as important as the media we use to tell it.

Thank you to Chris Hedge for demonstrating the value of speed and scalability with Adobe Commerce.

Thank you Alexander Saar and Bertrand de Coatpont for showing us that the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager can be enhanced still further by offering a cloud-native service.

Thank you to Jason Heller and John Copeland for reminding us that marketing strategy is continuously evolving, and we all need to evolve along with it.

Thank you to Shweta Ram, Brian Duke and Don Mayberry for putting the customer experience front and centre.

Thank you to Chad Gorman and Sam Taylor for reminding us that the digital workplace is a forum for connection and collaboration.

Thank you to Haresh Kumar, Jay Sivasailam, Ben Tepfer, Bruce Swann and David Lloyd for illustrating that the personal and the professional sometimes sit comfortably side by side.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Adobe Summit 2022. If this excellent event has sharpened your appetite for discussion and insight on the future of global communication, join us at XTM LIVE 2022 in San Francisco on April 27th/28th. Wherever you want your business to be five years from now, XTM LIVE will connect you with the people and the technology that help you get there. Click here to book your place.