Amanda Leuer joins the Solutions Architect team at XTM International

Amanda Leuer XTM International

Amanda Leuer joins the Solutions Architect team at XTM International

amanda leuer xtm translation management systemXTM International is proud to announce that Amanda Leuer has joined our growing team. As a Solutions Architect, Amanda will provide technology solutions tailored to meet the needs of enterprise customers. She will help customers implement XTM and maximize the benefits of using a powerful, scalable and flexible translation management system. We asked her a few questions to find out why she has joined XTM International and what drove her to pursue a career in localization.

How did you get started in the language industry?

I realized early on that language(s), and their use, was my passion. I studied Teaching English and Spanish as a Second Language and did the teacher gig for about six years while working and living in Peru, Chile, South Korea, and England. I further pursued my education finishing an MA in Applied Linguistics. From there, I realized that career-wise I was looking for something that allowed me to marry critical thinking and business skills with language.

How long have you been in this field?

Nearly six years. I started as a localization Project Manager, then moved to linguistic quality and global supply chain. I then moved to work with enterprise-level clients with higher demands for solutions with regards to their quality and financial strategies. Most recently, I was working as a Program Manager leveraging my experience and taking a grassroots approach to building a sustainable, automated, technology-driven program for large government clients.

Why XTM?

Technology is the wave of the future. I mean that wholeheartedly and not sarcastically. Although, those who are familiar with me know I love a bit of sarcasm. I had the opportunity to use XTM at a previous LSP and I wanted to be part of it! Until now, my tenure has been largely focused on tools and technology but applied through the operations side of localization. I’m excited to be working with different teams and clients to solve their localization issues and set them up for success from the beginning with technology I believe in.

What’s the most interesting aspect of localization for you?

That humans can never fully be removed from the equation. Currently, localization tools and technology are better than ever and that is exciting. However, language is colorful and nuanced, so it constantly changes. Whether humans are doing translations or programming, the ‘machine’ can never quite reach perfection without them.

Why did you choose this career path?

I like to think of a career path as something you forge versus follow. I was extremely lucky to have managers and mentors in the industry who allowed me to grow in my roles and develop the skills I needed to be able to land in a fulfilling role.

How do you see your future in localization?

It’s inspiring to be part of an organization at the forefront of localization technology and that thrives on creativity. Growing professionally and tackling challenges and opportunities presented to me through my role here is very welcome! I look forward to being a player in XTM’s continued success.

With her strong background in linguistics and wide experience of enterprise-level localization, Amanda will be a great asset to the Solutions Architect team. With her help XTM International will continue to provide technology services of the highest quality to their growing list of global clients.