Beyond XTM Cloud 13.3: Maximizing performance
Beyond XTM Cloud 13.3: Maximizing performance illustration
Melissa Lorraine
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Last week, we announced the last batch of features included in XTM Cloud 13.3. In case you missed it, you can access all of them below:

If you’re an existing XTM Cloud user, these may seem like a lot of new features to get familiar with. To ensure you know how to make the most of them, we’re introducing new guides that will take you through all the new features directly within the UI.

Today, we’d like to tell you more about the changes you can expect to see in XTM Cloud in the future.

Getting agile

In recent years, a key focus has been on adding a rich array of new features to XTM Cloud. We wanted to make sure our users could get the most out of our system: higher productivity, better quality, lower costs, and increased ROI. This meant one big release with a great number of new features, every quarter. However, our next releases are going to be continuous as we move to an agile model, making each one smaller, but more frequent.

What does this mean for me?

Here’s how this new initiative will benefit XTM users:

  • Enhanced quality to ensure the highest product stability: by delivering updates in shorter cycles, our team will be even more focused on testing pre-release, and able to gather your feedback post-release quicker. As small increments are implemented, potential issues can be identified and addressed early in the process, reducing the likelihood of major problems surfacing during later stages. This results in XTM Cloud being more stable and reliable.

  • Faster delivery of new features with continuous improvement: having shorter release cycles of XTM Cloud means that you will get access to new features and improvements sooner. As the software is released at regular intervals, you’ll get access to new functionality sooner.

  • Flexibility and adaptability to meet your needs more quickly: our agile methodology will enable us to be more flexible during the development process. This means we’ll be better able to adjust and refine our features as your needs evolve and we receive your feedback.

  • Smoother upgrades with minimal bug disruption in live releases: our upcoming agile release cycles will facilitate a smoother upgrade process and minimize disruptions. They will also make it easier for our team to identify and solve any bugs you may be experiencing.

Our priority is to make XTM Cloud your most reliable piece of software.

What releases are impacted?

You have probably already seen that we are launching more frequent product updates. If you’re a public cloud user, this change will be seamless for you, and you won’t have to do anything. Private cloud users will still be able to choose when they want to upgrade, and the process to do this will not change.  Our XTM Connect roadmap is independent of XTM Cloud, and upgrades are already released at frequent intervals.

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