XTM Mobile 2.6 by XTM International

XTM Mobile v2.6 is here

XTM Mobile 2.6 directly answers users who told us they want an even clearer picture of project progress, and greater control over project costs. Project...

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XTM Mobile 2.5: Unshackled from your desk

Project Managers are gifted multitaskers juggling many projects at the same time. If you’re one of them, you might be in need of a mobile translation...

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XTM Mobile 2.4 by XTM International

XTM Mobile 2.4 – Upwardly Mobile

Little over a month has passed since we released XTM Mobile 2.3, and now we’re back with a new and even better version. XTM Mobile 2.4 like any other...

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Keeping Us Mobile

When people complain about mobile technology, they’re often referring to classic “first world” problems. The avalanche of communication tools...

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XTM Mobile 2.3 XTM International

Embracing change with XTM Mobile 2.3

It’s a mobile-first world, and that’s as true for localization managers as it is for everyone else. Whether they need to make important changes to a...

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