Communication Reinvented with XTM Cloud 13.1
Communication Reinvented with XTM Cloud 13.1 illustration
Melissa Lorraine
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Linguists, Project Managers and LSPs know this scenario all too well: a new localization project is created by a PM. The source file includes some tricky segments, such as new technical words needing to be translated in a specific way or short words and phrases out of context. Questions and clarifications are sent via email or other chat applications, eventually getting lost, and not reaching all the linguists involved in the project. As a result, the translation needs some rework, incurring additional costs and delays. This isn’t how translation projects should be managed, and XTM Cloud is delighted to offer its users a way out of this, along with other exciting new features.

Communication made easy

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask questions directly within your work interface? The new The Query Management Module* introduced in XTM Cloud 13.1 enables all users to communicate using the platform they already use on a daily basis, without needing to open any other tool. Within XTM Cloud, users can create, access and store all their conversations, and get the answers they need without ever having to leave the interface. Product Manager Sara Basile explains how linguists can easily create a new chat to raise a query:

If a linguist has a query relating to a specific segment, they can start a chat simply by right-clicking on that segment or through a custom shortcut and send their question to the relevant PM and linguists within XTM Workbench. As soon as someone answers their query, which can be segment-specific, they’ll get notified immediately via the new chat box.”

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International

To ensure communications are easily stored, managed and retrieved, XTM Cloud’s new Query Management Module now features a brand-new interface that gives users a variety of options, such as search and filters, edit priority level or access query details. Having all of this information centralized ensures that all communications are streamlined, efficient and hassle-free. It also means that guidance or additional information sent by project managers will never be lost and can be retrieved within seconds. Plus, it makes it easy for translation requesters, vendors and linguists to discuss and resolve queries as fast as possible, avoiding rework and mistranslations.

* The new Query Management Module is only available for Enterprise accounts and cannot be added to Freelance or Group subscriptions.

To see XTM Cloud’s new Query Management Module in action, request a demo or start your free trial.

On top of this new Query Management Module, XTM Cloud 13.1 introduces other exciting new features, requested by our users via our Wish List.

Let DeepL provide the right terms and tone

We’re all able to recognize that different business situations will require different use of formality, from highly formal language to more casual. The same goes for content localization, and DeepL’s powerful MT engine is able to identify those differences. As we believe it’s vital to give XTM users the ability to capture the nuances of communication, we’ve strengthened our integration with DeepL to be able to provide this functionality within XTM Cloud.

Indeed, a new formality feature has been added, enabling users to choose the level of formality required for their localization projects, and letting MT do the rest. DeepL will then populate the target language at exactly the right level of formality, creating files requiring little or no rework.

For instance, a PM usually needs formal MT choices, as they mostly get business communications localized. However, as the company grows they need to develop their online presence, and decided to post on social media to target a new demographic. For these types of posts, the PM is able to choose to use less formal language, which is more appropriate for their audience.

Formality is one thing, being able to provide the right terms, especially when it comes to MT, is another. Therefore, we have also introduced another DeepL functionality: glossaries. This gives users the ability to leverage their existing DeepL glossaries, ensuring that the right terms are used and that on-brand, accurate content is produced. Additionally, it reduces cost and turnaround times, as the linguists’ productivity will increase.

Sara gives us a practical example:

Here, glossaries have been uploaded for three of the target languages for this localization project: French, German and Spanish. The project includes 500 words, but 100 are included in the glossaries. As a linguist, receiving a translation with 100 correct words right away, without the need to cross-check the terminology or post-edit terms, results in 20% increased productivity – and a turnaround time potentially reduced by 20% for project managers and client stakeholders. Plus, formality levels have been chosen: more formal for French, less formal for German, and the default formality was applied for Spanish. This makes linguists’ work faster and easier as DeepL will provide results at the right level of formality, without the need to check style guides outside of the project.

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International

REST API at your service

With XTM Cloud 13.1, we’re introducing two new REST API features.

The first one makes it easier for users to choose to lock In Context Exact match (ICE) segments which don’t require any work from the linguists. Although already available on a project template level, the “Mark segments as locked when” option can now be enabled on a project level, including existing projects, as we understand that not all users want to use templates. This option ensures that no unexpected charges will be applied to segments that don’t require any edits, again cutting unnecessary translation costs.

The second one was specifically designed for API users who require OAuth2 authentication for their call-backs. This ensures that our users’ security requirements can be met by XTM Cloud, providing them with a seamless, secure experience.

Improved reporting

XTM Cloud already offers users a powerful reporting tool. With 13.1, we’re offering even more user-friendly and accurate ways of reporting on your localization projects, at the click of a button. Our reports have been improved to include information about non-translatable segments for all types of reports. This harmonized way of creating reports ensures users can get, and therefore analyze, information on non-translatable segments, no matter the type of report downloaded. This allows for consistent analysis of localization projects.

New language support

New languages give our users added flexibility and the ability to create and manage additional projects, expanding their scope of potential work. There are 4 million speakers of Bikol, Shilluk and Zande in the world today. We believe they deserve a voice, and with XTM Cloud 13.1 we’re proud to give it to them, as we now offer support for all three languages out of the box.

Enhanced way of counting edited characters in Thai

B2B ecommerce in Thailand is worth an estimated $30 billion per annum. Users seeking a share of that revenue or any other type of business growth in this region need accurate localization tools. With 13.1, we’re improving the way tracked changes are displayed in Workbench for Thai, so they reflect what has been changed exactly. This improves clarity and communication for teams working on that project.

With XTM Cloud 13.1, we’re providing you a path to globalization. Contact us to find out how we can help you along the way.