Concordance redesigned in XTM v9.6
Concordance redesigned in XTM v9.6 illustration
AuthorWojciech Tomaszewski

The New

XTM International has developed a new way to view and work with concordance. This redesigned feature is part of the latest update to XTM Cloud 9.6 and is available free of charge to all XTM Cloud solution users.

The aim of the change has been to provide more flexibility on where and how users can view it, to accelerate translation and save time.

There is a new docked panel at the bottom of the XTM Editor screen that can display concordance at all times. In this way, translators have a continuous access to the results of concordance searches and can be sure that they use consistent vocabulary.

The source and target text of each segment have been divided into separate columns and are aligned with the score and metadata. This makes the data presentation more intuitive and easy to read as texts are always listed one below another. With a much cleaner view, linguists can spot information they need right away.

The new layout has also improved the arrangement of columns with optimal screen space utilization where column widths are calculated to display as much source and target text as possible.

The redesigned concordance has been enriched with a feature to sort concordance results by score, customer, project, create date, modification date, file name or segment ID. Linguists can choose their preferred criteria to display the latest additions to the translation memory or customer specific results at the top.

This feature is a milestone for XTM Cloud solution in improving translator productivity via an easy-to-use interface. XTM International anticipate that linguists will appreciate the new concordance layout, but for those who prefer, reverting back to the previous pop up window is an option.

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