Connectivity enhancements in XTM Cloud 12.6
Connectivity enhancements in XTM Cloud 12.6 illustration
AuthorJagoda Modrzyńska
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Fast, continuous content localization cycles are a basic need in the digital content economy. In this version of XTM Cloud, we have streamlined communication between XTM Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Sitecore. The new connector to Figma, the collaborative interface design tool, enables users to localize design content as early as prototypes are ready. New self-serve options give administrators greater power over their GIT buckets configuration; there’s also more granularity with new REST API methods.

Enhanced content workflows for Adobe Experience Manager

XTM Cloud 12.6 further enhances content localization workflows between AEM and XTM Cloud. The new version enables AEM users to submit a translation project quickly by reducing manual activity by at least 70%. AEM users will also be able to send multiple source files for translation in one go which further reduces overhead and administration tasks. For users with a customized proxy infrastructure, new configuration options are available for XTM adminstrators to enable integration between AEM and XTM Cloud.

Streamlined communication with Sitecore

XTM Cloud 12.6 now supports the latest version of Sitecore CMS, version 10.0. We have made it easier for users to have an accurate view of items and subitems for translation. This will give users more flexibility when deciding what goes to translation, which is particularly useful with complex web page structures.
Sitecore users are now able to assign multiple workflow states to different workflows. This means more customized workflows are possible by using granular configuration settings. Content owner details can now also be displayed in the XTM UI, providing a more transparent process between Sitecore and XTM users, for example when dealing with query management workflows.

Enhanced user experience for Marketo users

The newest version of XTM Connect for Marketo will provide users with enhanced configuration options when working with global and Customer XTM templates in Marketo, which means more flexibility and a better user experience.

Localize design content with the new Figma connector

The latest version of XTM Cloud comes with a new direct integration with Figma, a web-based collaborative interface design tool. With this integration, users can push design files to XTM Cloud for translation and receive finished translations back into Figma where they can be previewed in-context. This enables quicker turnarounds, shorter lead times and feedback loops and the elimination of conversion steps.

More power to GIT administrators

Configuring GIT buckets is a regular activity in software localization projects. Buckets are configuration containers for new or updated files in the repository. These files are sent for translation to XTM and once completed, the files are returned to the repository. With a brand-new self-serve option, XTM Cloud 12.6 now simplifies the process for administrators by providing them with the option to add and configure GIT buckets directly from the user interface, saving time and removing hassle.

New REST API – Easily connect XTM Cloud to your software

In XTM Cloud 12.6, we have extended the range of API methods to enable custom integrations with third-party systems. Project Managers now have the option to get insights into all project languages within a single Excel extended report. Project Managers manage one file per project which is a great time saver and increases overall productivity.

When creating a project with multiple files, Project Managers can now have files grouped via the API enabling more efficient processing. Files can be auto-grouped by DITA structure and file extensions, among other methods. Other REST API methods include the option to delete source files from the project, change the workflow definition at a job level, and use different workflows and target languages for each source file. We have also enhanced the callback functionality, which helps with more seamless data exchange.

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