Dave Ruane Elected to GALA Global Board of Directors
Dave Ruane Elected to GALA Global Board of Directors illustration
Aleix Gwilliam
AuthorAleix Gwilliam

We’re absolutely delighted that our very own Dave Ruane, our Director of Marketing, has been elected to GALA Global’s Board of Directors!

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) defines itself as a “nonprofit organization that serves and supports the language services and technologies industry”, as it helps its members succeed and drive development by building professional communities, sharing knowledge, and advancing best practices in the globalization sector. Dave has been a regular attendee of GALA’s events throughout the years and he is now thrilled to be an integral part of it:

I have been a fan of the GALA organization for a long time and have been privileged to take an active part in their events and knowledge-sharing activities over the years. I feel honored and surprised to be elected to the board⁠—it is a commitment I take seriously and will contribute as best I can.”

Dave Ruane, Digital Content and Partner Manager at XTM International

Dave has almost three decades of experience in the fields of localization, marketing, technology and partnerships, helping customers realize their global ambitions throughout that time. His passion for innovation drove him to create the Process Innovation Challenge (PIC), a platform in which innovators in the localization and translation industries pitch their ideas to experts and peers. They then vote to determine who deserves the Process Innovator of the Year award. Now coming up to its 14th edition, the PIC is a regular feature in premium localization events every year. Dave plans to continue focusing on innovation in his new role on the GALA Board of Directors: “I hope to leverage my technology background, bring a focus on innovation and how we can better foster activities with academia. I also welcome input on what more we can do from GALA members.”

XTM CEO Bob Willans shared his delight at Dave’s election:

We’re all very happy and proud that Dave was elected to the GALA Board of Directors. His knowledge of the industry is second to none, and I can’t think of a better and more suitable person for the role than Dave. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for XTM to continue to build bridges and show that we are at the forefront of one of the industry’s most prominent organizations.”

Bob Willans, XTM International CEO

As we look forward to the arrival of 2023 and beyond, Dave explained what challenges lie ahead for the localization industry and how he thinks he can make a difference:

In localization, new methods or innovations are typically deployed in a tiered fashion—highly innovative or bigger buy-side companies see things coming and build the ability to deal with it or pivot their business, then technology companies and larger service companies adopt it, and it works down through the supply chain.

What if you could turn this on its head? What if you were so tuned into innovations that you were seen as the innovator? We cannot just prepare members for continued and escalating change, but also enable them to be norm-breakers and high-altitude proponents of real innovation. Breaking the norms starts with having usable innovations which build value up the chain. It would be my pleasure to contribute to that change.”

Dave Ruane, Digital Content and Partner Manager at XTM International

Congratulations Dave on your nomination and we wish you all the success in your new role!