Don’t Go Changing

There’s always a way to add value for our customers. Over the past year, many people whose jobs previously sent them travelling to all corners of the world have been forced to work remotely and settle for video conferencing confining them to one corner of a room. The knock-on effect for travel companies or travel technology companies is obvious. For almost two decades, Skyscanner has been a go-to metasearch engine for travellers, providing up-to-the minute information on flight costs and times available in 30 languages.

The travel restrictions of 2020-21 haven’t stopped Skyscanner looking for ways to support their customers. A glance at their website will tell you that it’s become a home for good advice on Coronavirus travel restrictions from country to country, COVID tests that should be taken before embarking on a journey and even road trip games that can make car journeys less of a bore. When the time is right, Skyscanner customers will resume using the core service, and in the meantime they’re not being ignored.

It was appropriate, then, to see Valeria Nanni of Skyscanner taking a leading role in a discussion on customer retention at LocWorld 44 this week.

When you’re working with the right language service provider – or the right provider of any service – the sale will mark the beginning of the customer service journey, not the end. Every day should be a continuous effort to keep pushing forward. Language service providers have an opportunity to make technology work more and more efficiently for their customers, marrying the best of automation with the best of human ingenuity. They also have an opportunity to monitor the economic ebb and flow of key industries and stay abreast of new terminology. Travel industry professionals, for example, will be familiar with terms, abbreviations and acronyms that mean little to outsiders but need to be communicated to different audiences in accessible ways, even when they have no direct equivalent in a target language.

How are you differentiating yourself as a language service provider? How are you meeting customer expectations? How are you exceeding them?

At XTM International we’re delighted to work in partnership with language service providers who go the extra mile for their customers every day. And we’re delighted to offer a translation management system that’s vendor neutral, enabling users to seamlessly connect with any language partner or technology provider. We stand for choice and control. When an XTM customer is happy with their language service partner, we’re happy for them. When they see costs spiralling, quality slipping and deadlines being missed, they have the safety-net of TMS that doesn’t shackle them to anything they might want to walk away from.

Customers expect value for money, and so they should. They go through sophisticated selection, evaluation and onboarding procedures for new vendors, and they’re entitled to expect added value and continuous improvement.

How are you differentiating yourself as a language service provider? How are you meeting customer expectations? How are you exceeding them?

If you know the answers, your clients probably won’t go changing.