Enhance the user experience: XTM Cloud 10.2
Enhance the user experience: XTM Cloud 10.2 illustration
AuthorCamillo Brena

XTM International will release XTM Cloud 10.2 on the 26th of February 2017. The new version of the award winning Translation Management System (TMS) with integrated Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool provides many improvements and enhancements to the user experience.

Improved Collaboration

The XTM Messenger was introduced with version 10 last October, now with XTM Cloud 10.2, it is possible to transfer files via chat and use the Chat Group. XTM notification emails for PMs, limited PMs and linguists have been redesigned and display more information.

Enhanced quality

LQA project details and the evaluee are now recorded in the user record of the person who performed the evaluation. There is a new LQA section listing evaluated projects under the list of user Tasks. Linguists 
can download reports from the LQAs performed on them.

Improved performance

Upon request XTM can now be configured to improve the speed of matching when using 
particularly large translation memories. Also, Custom fields are now immediately available in project listing and for use in Smart filters.

More integration

The XTM Connect has been improved and new connectors for JIRA and Drupal 8 are added to the existing list.

Read about the XTM Connect in the dedicated page

Read the release notes to find out more about the new features.


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