Fast-paced work, requires tools that can keep up!


Fast-paced work, requires tools that can keep up!

The global nature of the translation and localization industry combined with the amount of files being exchanged on average between parties
in their daily duties brings forth an issue of technical performance. They need the best localization tool that can keep up!

Software providers have to be able to tackle the challenge of maintaining optimal operational efficiency of their products without having to pass on additional costs onto their customers.

In order to ensure that all XTM Cloud users have satisfactory user experience, wherever they are located in the world, we have set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can handle XTM’s dynamic data.

The creation of our own CDN network was a complex task and was divided into two main steps composed partly of a commercial service and partly developed ourselves:

1. Creation of DNS servers with geographical location support. The DNS servers are one of most important components of a company’s IT system. If the DNS servers fail, all the services provided by the company become unavailable, so it was important that we employed high performance, resilient DNS servers.

2. Creation of a delivery network consisting of proxy servers spread across the globe. Our delivery network node servers provide excellent performance and consume as few resources as possible.

The solution involves the installation of strategically located proxy servers which ensure fast and reliable access to XTM Cloud wherever the user is based.

The initial investment in the facilities will be offset through the solution’s availability in new regions such as Asia and Pacific as well as current customer satisfaction.