Feature Focus: Computer Aided Review in XTM Cloud
Feature Focus: Computer Aided Review in XTM Cloud illustration
Dave Ruane
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Regulatory compliance is making its way in to more and more industries. From startups to healthcare, big banks to tech companies, regulators are no longer limiting their reach. We have entered a new era of compliance; GDPR, Brexit, AI, are recent examples where any business could be impacted by new compliance requirements.

In the world of medical translations, one translation mistake could have a disastrous impact on a patient. In the legal sector, linguistic inaccuracies can ruin a client’s reputation. With an increased focus on regulation and risk management, enterprises are involving more Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the language review process. They are being asked to ensure technical adherence to norms and standards and local regulations. Asking non-linguistic Subject Matter Experts to work in a technical linguistic environment is not without risk. How do you manage this risk and make it easy for a Polish Doctor or a Spanish Lawyer to technically review content quickly and in one system?

Computer Aided Review: simple and efficient

Computer Aided Review (CAR) technology is a simple, efficient and intuitive translation review environment. CAR performed in a right-sized technology, enables a smooth and efficient in-context review process, which gives reviewers a better user experience; it is the next frontier for translation management systems.

“Efficient and smart CAR technology is key for enterprises to have a faster and much more productive review process. The simplified and customizable Workbench design is the result of valuable feedback coming from our users, combined with our commitment to deliver great user experience and the right tools to enhance productivity,” commented Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International.

CAR fits well into XTM’s intelligent automation framework, which offers an end to end ecosystem that brings together multiple translation stakeholders with different requirements under one platform. Access to CAR technology is easily managed within XTM Cloud. Account Administrators and Project Managers can enable this option in the XTM Cloud settings (see the image below). For more detailed information on how to activate it, visit the XTM Knowledge base.

CAR in XTM Cloud
XTM Cloud settings: XTM Workbench customization view

This option can also be made accessible on a per user basis.

User access rights CAR
User access rights: Enable Computer Aided Review view

Once set up, subject matter expert reviewers can proofread and review their specialized documents in a user-friendly setting. They don’t receive unnecessary information and can move and rearrange panels across the XTM Workbench window to suit their preferences.
“XTM Workbench users with various levels of confidence with CAT tools are in a position to fully customize which UI elements are visible in the editor, to seamlessly transition from other CAT tools. At the same time, they progressively enhance their experience by being able to dynamically define which modules are used,” said Alex Zekakis, Global Solutions Architect Manager at XTM International.

CAR in XTM Workbench
XTM Workbench: Computer Aided Review settings

To learn how to customize XTM Workbench, head over to our Knowledge base article.

When to use Computer Aided Review

Some of the most compelling use cases for Computer Aided Review include:

  • A doctor in Brazil needs to check that the terminology of a medical device “Information For Use” article is correct and according to Brazilian Portuguese standards and regulations. In this particular use case, some menu items and controls are not necessary to perform a thorough review process, for instance, machine translation matches or information about terminology and concordance can be hidden from their view.
  • Project managers may want to reduce the number of queries sent by in-country SME about non-subject technical items. They may want to obscure complicated formatting information from their view, for example, inline tags or comments. If these are hidden, the review workflow is more streamlined.
  • Account administrators may want to create multiple user profiles with different levels of access. Granular CAR configurations enable them to turn off information such as translator’s comments, segment history, or certain preview types.

Would you like to learn more about CAR technology? Watch an episode of XTM TechTalks where Sara Basile (Product Manager) and Alex Zekakis (Global Solutions Architect Manager) discuss the current state of linguistic review and how CAR is an important and necessary technology now.

Benefit from using CAR technology

Having a simplified review environment has a significant impact on the speed, quality and overall efficiency of multilingual content delivery. Review processes using CAR enables non-tech-savvy linguists to work through documents more quickly, with productivity and capacity improvements of up to 60% being reached. Linguistic review driven by CAR also enables Subject Matter Experts to focus on linguistic and technical accuracy, rather than learning the complex tools of the trade.

In regulated industries, legal, medical, the financial sector, and others, Computer Aided Review is a next-generation solution that substantially reduces the complexity of linguistic review. Implementing it means you will be better prepared when unplanned regulatory changes impact your content.

Are you looking for technology that supports and enhances linguistic review? Sign up for a 30-day trial to see CAR in action, or reach out to our marketing team for more information.