Feature Focus: Video Preview in XTM Cloud
Feature Focus: Video Preview in XTM Cloud illustration
AuthorJagoda Modrzyńska

Video is king and rightly so – it just gets results. When asked, 84% of people agreed that watching a video pushed them to buy a product or service. The global health crisis and accompanying social distancing restrictions have only increased our appetite for video content.

When your business goes global, all your brand’s webinars, tutorials and product demos need to speak the language of your target audiences. While reshooting all videos for each target market isn’t always viable, multilingual subtitling is. When you consider that the majority of consumers have a preference for local-language content and that 60% of them rarely or never buy from English-only websites, there’s a good chance that the language barrier will wedge between your brand and potential customers.

This is why you need smart, reliable subtitling technology to break down the language barrier and convey all the nuance of your message. XTM’s Video preview is your go-to tool that will help you achieve seamless and cost-efficient video localization.

XTM Cloud: Translate video subtitles in real-time

With XTM Cloud 12.7, you have access to the beta version of interactive preview for video subtitles, included as standard until the release of XTM Cloud 13.0 (Q1 2022). This means you can enable Video preview at a click of a button and translate subtitles fully in context. Just upload a subtitle file and link it to a video from a publicly available website such as YouTube, Vimeo and voilà!

XTM Cloud gives you the flexibility and control to create and edit subtitles in real-time against a streaming video. No more switching between the video player and a CAT tool, no more pausing and rewinding to get the right word, no more costly post-production rework. XTM’s Video preview enables you to deliver the best subtitling experience directly from XTM Workbench. Just play, pause or rewind the video player if necessary.

Would you like to see XTM’s Video preview in action? Just log in to XTM On Demand and watch a webinar on XTM Cloud 12.7.

Delivering flexibility and choice

Interactive preview for video subtitles offers flexibility, simplicity and ease of use. Translators and reviewers have the freedom to customize their working environment to match their preferences.

No more swapping screens

Not only can you open matches, terminology or quality tabs in a new browser tab/window, this also applies to the video player. Translate segments with subtitles on one screen, and preview the translated subtitles on another screen. Convenience and user-friendliness at the click of a button.

Here’s how to use Video Preview to translate subtitles

No more skipping around the video player

Sync a video preview with corresponding segments to see the part being translated. Alternatively, if you want to focus on segments with subtitles alone, you can unlink a video preview from corresponding segments.

Interactive previews that speak a thousand words

Visual context is the pillar of video localization. It’s just as important to linguists as the product information is to customers. The more you put in, the more value you get out.

The interactive preview ensures that linguists get the context they need to make accurate linguistic decisions quickly. They see the audiovisual content as they translate, and video subtitles are updated in real-time.

How can you know that the translated segment will fit the scene and screen at that moment? When translating from English into German, for example, translated subtitles will be roughly 30% longer than their source counterparts. With XTM Cloud’s text length control, linguists instantly see if their translations fit the allocated space.

Putting quality front and centre

XTM Cloud offers advanced Quality Assurance checks to help you detect missing punctuation, incorrect capitalization or misspellings. Regex-based Quality Assurance checks source and target segments for punctuation, alphanumeric and lowercase or uppercase mismatches. And there’s another step that you can add to your workflow. Linguistic Quality Assessment (LQA) enables you to evaluate and control translation quality against an industry-standard, TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework.

Reducing back and forth

Resolving queries eats up valuable time. XTM Cloud’s interactive previews solve this problem instantly, giving linguists ample context to make the right decision. Context reduces unnecessary communication, freeing up time and cutting out misunderstandings.

Multilingual video subtitling requires a mix of skilled translators and smart localization technology. XTM’s Video preview is your tried and tested solution that helps build bridges between your brand and the world. It supports you on your way to seamless and cost-efficient globalization.

XTM Cloud – delivering flexibility, choice and control, unleashing translator creativity.

Get started on your next video localization project with XTM Cloud. Craft your message in any language and go global with confidence.