Full agenda and speakers confirmed for XTM Live 2024
Full agenda and speakers confirmed for XTM Live 2024 illustration
Aleix Gwilliam
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We’re delighted to announce that the full agenda of speakers for XTM Live 2024 is now complete!

XTM Live 2024 will be taking place in New York City on April 10-11, gathering some of the language industry’s most renowned innovators and experts. Its theme for this year, Revolutionizing Global Business: Finding the AI Sweet Spot will be the focal point of all sessions, aiming to address and answer the questions that have arisen within the industry in the past few months.

The first presentation of the day will be by Renato Beninatto, Chairman and Co-Founder of Nimdzi Insights, who will be directly addressing the event’s theme and how companies should approach its usage. The conversation on what AI’s full capabilities are will continue with a panel discussion including Ben Cornelius (Cornelius Communications), Nicole Alves (Crown Equipment), and Kirill Soloviev (ContentQuo), in which they will be discussing whether AI can provide quantity and quality in equal measures and how companies should consider its usage based on this.

Experienced industry expert Carrie Fischer (Subway and Women In Localization) will be presenting ‘How To Make Sense of the AI Chaos’, a thought-leadership session on her journey using AI technology and the challenges and changes that have come with it. Also presenting will be Yulia Sannikova (Degreed), who will be talking about the importance and benefits of tailoring your translation approach to each content type; and Kevin O’Donnell (Global 10x) on how a successful localization program can be a playbook to maximize global revenue.

Innovation is one of the key pillars of the event, and this is reflected in the case studies that will be presented on Day 1. Lène Spee (Red Hat) and Jourik Ciesielski (C-Jay International) will be presenting their pioneering transition from XML to AsciiDoc that allowed them to speed up their localization processes and make them more efficient; Will Carroll and Ari Susal (Toyota North America) will showcase how to scale up in quality, volume, and functionality thanks to smart localization technology; Liming Pals (Workiva) will be showcasing her three pillars for localization success; and Ron Egle (Ariel Corporation) will be joined on stage by John Paul Barraza (SYSTRAN by ChapsVision) and Wojciech Froelich (Argos Multilingual) to present how to improve MT model performance through TM training.

After the successful revamp of its format launched in 2023, Day 2 will continue to include some of the event’s leading names and sessions. Starting the day will be a panel discussion that will aim to provide answers to the questions on the minds of many language professionals. ‘Responsible AI: Concerns, Challenges, and Solutions’ will see Bruno Herrmann, Aleksandra Góra (Qualtrics) and Sara Basile (XTM) discuss from three different perspectives how companies are adopting and implementing GenAI technology into their processes, the challenges, and what the expectations are for it.

There will also be two case studies to follow, with Will Yao (Prisma International) presenting how integrating automated workflows into localization processes is key to generating higher value, and Ying Zou (SAP) on the considerable impact on efficiency and results that come with incorporating visual context in translations. On Day 2, attendees will also be able to take part in workshop sessions showcasing the newest and latest features released for XTM Cloud and the solutions of XTM International’s newly acquired companies, XTRF and Rigi.

XTM Live 2024 is an opportunity for all attendees to learn the latest localization trends directly from the innovators and apply them to boost their business processes.

To learn more about XTM Live 2024 and buy tickets for it, visit the XTM Live 2024 website, where you can find all the event’s information, including the full agenda, speaker profiles, networking event, venue, and more.

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