How localization enables global companies to grow through uncertainty
How localization enables global companies to grow through uncertainty illustration
Melissa Favre-Lorraine
AuthorMelissa Favre-Lorraine

Dave Ruane, XTM’s Director of Marketing, was joined by three growth and localization experts to explore how localization supports growth in times of uncertainty. 

Our star panelists:

  • Véronique Özkaya, CEO at Argos Multilingual
  • Rocío Gray, Localization Manager at Crown Equipment Corporation
  • Josef Kubovsky, CEO at Nimdi Insights

An article from Forbes, written during the pandemic spiked our interest as it highlights that within a climate of uncertainty, many brands become reluctant to take unnecessary risks. However, it seems even the most hesitant brands have options for relatively safe growth. The author explains that, regardless of what the global economy looks like in the coming years, effectively entering stable and emerging markets will be highly strategic and perhaps the safest path toward increased sales. What better way to enter new markets than with a robust and scalable localization strategy?

This perspective challenges what we might intuitively believe about localization and expansion being potentially risky and costly, which is why we decided to explore this topic with leading industry experts. This conversation covered their perspective on growth, key considerations to grow a business, best practices and key tips to successfully grow your business on a global scale.

Here’s some of the highlights:

Véronique joined Argos Multilingual in the middle of the pandemic and still experienced growth find out how she was able to diversify her revenue, enable growth not just for her business but her customers, and find out more about her key tip to be successful:

If you don’t think big from the start, and have that vision to sell your product across the world, you’re going to experience a lot of issues down the line when you need to get it localized. For instance, some startups end up having to rewrite their codes entirely when they want to get their product localized, which wastes a lot of time and money. If you think big from the start, you’ll have fewer challenges to face in the future when you’re ready to go international.”

Véronique Özkaya, CEO at Argos Multilingual

Rocío, on the enterprise side, shared how she used localization to make her organization stronger, how using the right tools and technology can make the difference you need (and what these are), and how to find opportunities in times of uncertainty:

There’s an area where we don’t make cuts — localization. If anything, a company should use it as leverage for when things get tough, to switch and pivot to new areas of opportunity. If one area or one market isn’t going strong, you can pivot because of that investment that you have made in localization. Localization is an investment center, not a cost center, that will enable you to come out stronger in times of uncertainty.”

Rocío Gray, Localization Manager at Crown Equipment Corporation

Josef offered a unique perspective on globalization and business trends that lead to growth, sharing some eye-opening research on internationalization, how language affects user choice, how to leverage the Nimdzi’s Global expansion framework and key considerations to keep in mind for successful localization:

Localization is an enabler and a multiplier: it enables your product to be sold in different markets for a marginal cost, and it’s a multiplier in the sense that it allows you to increase your addressable market and your market share outside of your traditional geography.”

Josef Kubovsky, CEO at Nimdi Insights

We’re extremely grateful to our panelists for sharing their knowledge and insights with us. The conversation was packed with practical examples coming from their own experiences as well as researched and well-tested best practices.

Find out how localization enables growth in times of uncertainty