ICYMI: Think MACH, sell global | How to boost your ecommerce customer experience at scale
ICYMI: Think MACH, sell global | How to boost your ecommerce customer experience at scale illustration
Aleix Gwilliam
AuthorAleix Gwilliam

What is MACH and why is it key to going global?

How can implementing MACH boost your customer’s digital experience?

These are common questions from anyone who has discovered MACH for the first time and is curious to learn more about its specific benefits and what exactly it does to help their organization’s global strategy.

In this webinar, we brought together two experts to not just answer these questions but to also give specific examples of why MACH is so important right now to companies going global digitally, and how it can help these companies scale up and boost their customers’ e-commerce experience.

Dom Selvon
Dom Selvon

 A MACH approach allows companies to have granular control over the functionality and the “brand language” which results in richer customer-centric experiences.”

Dom Selvon

Member of the MACH Alliance Executive Board

Dom Selvon (member of the MACH Executive Board) and Alex Katsambas (Senior Head of Localisation Services at FARFETCH) joined us for an exciting and insight-packed webinar that laid out the specifics of what MACH is and how its architecture and philosophy empowers companies to build a more unique brand, like it did with FARFETCH.

In this webinar, you will learn about some key topics that will enable you to reap the rewards of deploying a MACH technology, plus expert tips and use cases that will take your digital customer experience to the next level, including:

  • What you need to deploy MACH architecture

  • How does having MACH-based localization technology boost your global customer experiences

  • Which benefits are unlocked by deploying composable tech architecture

Alex Katsambas
Alex Katsambas

Once we introduced MACH localization, we saw that we could process the same amount of content in a fraction of the time. This gave us control over deliverables, it made it less hectic, and also allowed us to have more consistency by increasing ownership and reducing the room for mistakes.

Alex Katsambas

Senior Head of Localisation Services, FARFETCH

This webinar is a must-see for anyone who is keen on improving digital experiences for their customers, whether they work in ecommerce or not, and also a fantastic opportunity to stay ahead of the localization game by gaining insights into the most recent technology trends and discovering practical ways to implement them.

If you’d like to learn more about MACH and providing an improved experience for your global customers you can watch the webinar recording by clicking the button below.

Would you like to learn more about MACH technology and how it can boost your customers’ experience?

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