ICYMI: XTM Connect Series – Figma
ICYMI: XTM Connect Series – Figma illustration
Aleix Gwilliam
AuthorAleix Gwilliam

Did you miss last week’s webinar on XTM Cloud’s Figma connector? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The XTM Connect Series is a series of webinars hosted by XTM Xperts showcasing the different connectors available for XTM Cloud, including best practices, insights and top tips on how to make the connectivity between your content system and localization technology better and more efficient.

In this edition of XTM Connect, XTM Xpert Grant Blackburn presents the connector for Figma, and how it can make content instantly available for translation from Figma to XTM Cloud. In the past, selecting content for translation from design tools such as Figma was a long and tedious process, but thanks to the Figma connector, this process is now easy and automated. Some of the main benefits of deploying the Figma connector include:

  • Swift transfer of content to XTM for localization (whole page or individual frames)
  • Working in XTM Workbench with segment images from Figma for additional context
  • Checking translation queue statuses in Figma
  • Seamlessly importing translated content back into Figma

Importing content from Figma doesn’t have to be a manual process. You can configure the settings in Figma to automatically import content, such as the one in your app’s user interface for example, within a time frame of your choice, and it will automatically send it for translation to XTM Cloud, making the end-to-end workflow even more efficient.

Grant Blackburn, XTM Xpert

Would you like to see the Figma connector in action? Log in or request access to XTM on Demand and watch Grant’s webinar for free to learn more about how you can localize your Figma content faster and more efficiently.