Karen Ewing – new hire at XTM International

Karen Ewing at XTM International

Karen Ewing – new hire at XTM International

karen ewing - business development director

XTM International are pleased to welcome Karen Ewing into our growing team. As a Business Development Director, Karen will be responsible for expanding XTM International’s client base in the United States. She will assist enterprises looking to optimise their localisation processes by providing solutions to reduce cost and throughput times. She will offer XTM’s full range of tools and services to automate translation management and improve quality. To give you a flavour of Karen’s experience, we asked her a few questions.

How did you get started in the language industry?

I started off with an internal sales role, this helped me learn about the many localization processes. I also found out about issues global corporations face and their expectations. I’m a problem solver, so from the very beginning, I enjoyed coming up with hands-on solutions. To me, the path leading to a solution is quite exciting, not to mention, it aligns well with my personality.

How long have you been working in localization?

It’s been almost 10 years since I started working in the localization industry. I progressed from inside sales into driving leads and closing business as a Business Development Director. As I felt that language services sales alone was not enough for me, I deliberately chose to mix it with localization technology.

Why did you choose this career path?

I had previously worked in education, and quickly saw conversations with corporations would often require a consultative approach. As this was in my skill set, I appreciated this type of sales process. Once I learned about the many facets of translation and localization, I was enthralled. The localization industry offers a world of opportunities that I’m keen on exploring. As ‘going global’ is one of the top priorities of today’s organizations, I’m glad to be able to assist with their expansion. Besides, I’ve always wanted to advance my skills in various CAT tools.

What do you find the most interesting aspect of localization?

Discussions with global organisations and providing them with guidance is particularly rewarding. I’ve always been happy to advise them how to improve their translation efficiency and quality. In addition to the consultative aspect, I find networking very educational. It’s through these high-value meetings with people from various industries that I learn the most about the localization industry.

Why XTM?

I’m excited to share my knowledge of translation processes while focusing purely on the technology aspect. I find it exceptional how XTM helps enterprises reach global markets by automating many of the manual tasks that other applications today cannot. XTM International offers a fantastic vendor-agnostic platform that can work for every corporation, LSP, and linguist.

How do you see your future in localization?

As I have recently joined XTM, I look forward to pitching XTM’s products to organizations across the United States. XTM creates real value for enterprises looking for an automated, scalable, and interoperable translation management system, so I’m happy to be a part of the XTM International’s team. In the long term, I welcome the opportunity to assist with XTM’s growth in the US market.

Before joining XTM, Karen worked with some of the biggest players in the localization industry including SDL and Lionbridge. With her vast experience in translation and localization, she will greatly strengthen the company’s global presence.