Light-touch project management in XTM Cloud 12.6
Light-touch project management in XTM Cloud 12.6 illustration
AuthorJagoda Modrzyńska

XTM Cloud 12.6 adds brand new functionality so administrators and localization managers can better evaluate the quality of MT engines and adjust payment rates accordingly. Other enhancements help streamline the user experience for administrative tasks.

Post-editing: Edit distance calculation

In XTM Cloud 12.6 you can now use the edit distance score – a standardized approach aimed at measuring the effort invested in post-editing the MT output. The edit distance score helps you establish an effort-based pricing model for post-editors, combining productivity data with rate structures. This enables more transparency to the workflow for these project types.

Refined project management and administrators’ enhancements

Imagine you need to find a marketing project consisting of several InDesign files among hundreds of other projects and to make matters worse, you don’t remember the project name, but you do have a file name (datasheet1492_discovery.idd). Now you can use the file name when searching for projects and easily open the right project.

With the new self-serve options, XTM administrators can extract a list of users and customers in XTM Cloud directly from the user interface. This is especially useful for auditing purposes or when the information should be fed into different software.

Localize design content from Sketch and Microsoft Visio

Charts, figures, and complex diagrams requiring translation can give project managers headaches as they are often not easy to convert into an editable format and require pre-processing steps. XTM Cloud 12.6 adds support for Microsoft Visio files, making the translation of visual files more automated, productive, and cost-efficient.

Do you need to localize mock-ups and prototypes in Sketch? XTM Cloud 12.6 now supports Sketch files, meaning you can quickly and easily upload your vector creations to XTM Cloud and forget about manual imports and exports.

Enhanced TM tag configuration

Translation Memory (TM) managers know exactly how critical it is to attach specific attributes to TM units using tags. This helps to provide context helpful when managing and cleaning the TM, and at the same time, it helps linguists confirm the most suitable TM matches according to the project or file. XTM already streamlines and automates the process of defining TM tags during project creation, so that this information can be passed to the translation memory right away during translation.

In XTM Cloud 12.6, we have added even more granularity to the TM tags configuration by introducing the possibility to define tags not just at the project but also at the file level during project creation via API. Project managers can easily access this information from within the Workflow Manager, as well as being able to apply TM penalty profiles even at the file level.

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