New and enhanced content connectivity and MT plugins with XTM Cloud v12.5
New and enhanced content connectivity and MT plugins with XTM Cloud v12.5 illustration
Dave Ruane
AuthorDave Ruane

Getting direct access to the content is mission critical in order to simplify translation projects, the connectivity features in 12.5 do that and more.

Crownpeak and Contentful Users – Say Goodbye to File Imports and Exports

Contentful and Crownpeak users now have direct integration between their Content Management System (CMS) and XTM Cloud. Users can request translation directly from within their CMS, it goes directly to XTM Cloud and on completion they receive all translated files back to the correct location within their CMS. Not a single file has to be manually exported or imported, as content flows seamlessly within an efficient workflow. This means a shorter lead time to publish your multilingual website, substantial cost savings and fewer translation and communication errors. Ultimately enterprises can go to market faster with their multilingual content.
As part of our ongoing enhancement of connectors, we have also added compatibility for Drupal 9.0 to XTM Connect for Drupal in this release.

Manage Queries More Easily with Project Slack Channels

How about communicating with team members about your XTM projects in Slack? We listened to customer requests and XTM Cloud 12.5 now enables localization managers and linguists to use Slack channels to discuss localization project topics. All project participants can stay updated on urgent translation jobs in a joint Slack channel. Having project notifications in one place improves transparency, streamlines collaboration, speeds up reaction times, and means faster and more efficient query resolution. Project managers just need to create a channel, call the Project ID and soon they get the project information along with all relevant participants. Connecting XTM Cloud and Slack channels takes seconds. As Sara Basile, XTM Product Manager puts it, “This is in line with our mission to enable ‘powerful connectivity’ within a digital ecosystem of tools.”

Add Your Custom MT to XTM Cloud

Connecting a custom Machine Translation engine to your translation workflow can give you that added flexibility needed when choosing which translation workflow to use. In response to requests, this is now possible with 12.5. Setup is easy and of course you don’t need to develop any additional connectors.

Get in touch with XTM Cloud experts to learn how you can make the most of the new connectivity enhancements.