New exciting features in XTM Cloud 9.0
New exciting features in XTM Cloud 9.0 illustration

XTM International, the creator of XTM Cloud – the leading translation management system TMS and CAT tool, has announced the release of XTM version 9.0. This is truly the most feature-packed version released so far. It includes more than 25 new features and enhancements out of which 7 are really revolutionary. These are dashboards for project managers, time tracking, custom fields, pre-processing step, pdf conversion into Word documents, new visual editor for translating html and xml files and text aligner.

Let me quickly introduce you to these main features.

Firstly, we have introduced customisable dashboards for project managers to display a management overview. The dashboards present in a graphical form details of projects by customer or linguist sorted for example by costs or project name.

The time you spend on translation, correction or review can be tracked in 4 ways. Project managers can enter an agreed time before the translation, they can manually enter the time after the translation, linguists can manually enter time after the translation in MyInbox and XTM can automatically log the time spent by the linguist.

It is now possible for you to create your own custom fields for projects, which you can use in searches and reports. For example, you may want to record the department creating the project or the end use of the target document – you decide what information you want to collect.

You can now have a pre-processing step in the workflow. This allows you to correct the source content, lock segments or to create a pivot language. A pivot language, sometimes called a bridge language, is a language acting as an intermediary language for translation between many different languages.

Another useful feature is pdf conversion, which means that XTM now converts pdfs that contain text to MS Word documents retaining the formatting. So XTM no longer generates just plain text as the target file.

We have also introduced a new translation environment for XML and HTML files in the form of a visual editor that enables you to translate in WYSIWYG mode. This feature means that you can now see the text in the context.

The new alignment module enables you to generate translation memory from previously translated documents. All you need to do is upload the source and target files and download the corresponding Excel file of the TM. The alignment may prove to be an indispensable tool when it comes to leveraging TM from your previous work.

All these new breakthrough features will definitely make the life of project managers, translators, correctors and reviewers even easier. This new release makes XTM one of the most innovative and practical offerings in the TMS and CAT tools market today.