One World – Connected

One World – Connected

This week the World Health Organisation turned its attention to digital well being, and its first global report on Artificial Intelligence set out clear guiding principles, putting ethics and respect for human rights at the heart of its technology plan.

While AI is already being used to improve diagnostic speed and accuracy in wealthier parts of the world, and empowering patients in these first world countries to take greater control of their own health care, the WHO is emphasising the needs for resource-poor countries and communities to receive a fair share of the benefits.

The sentiment is admirable, and technology is backing it up. Recent developments in clinical trials have put a welcome emphasis on tailoring treatment towards the needs of individuals. A drug treatment might have a radically different effect on people of different ethnicities, age groups or genders. Why should a 55 year old Kenyan woman have to rely on exactly the same treatment as a 25 year old Norwegian man? More and more Life Sciences leaders are focusing attention on gene-based treatment. Our genetic make-up underpins the way we live our lives, and it should underpin the way we protect our health. Pharma and Clinical Research Organisations that recognise that are leading us to a more inclusive and connected future, and XTM International is proud to support them.

Global clinical trials require impeccable global communication. Industry leaders are rapidly coming to the conclusion that they don’t just need a translation service. They need a translation management system.   

When clients don’t have control of their translation resources, the absence of one linguist can mean the loss of crucial language assets. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The right TMS will securely centralize those assets for each client, and make them available to whichever internal stakeholders the client chooses. A country manager in Central Africa will be able to leverage translation assets accrued in China or the United States.

The right TMS provider won’t care who your language service provider is, in fact they will want you to embrace your trusted vendors. They’ll want you to have the choice. Different language service partners might give you different prices for the same service because of their costs and their existing language assets. The right TMS will enable transparent accuracy around volumes to translate which means you can simply and clearly benchmark price, where all assets and costs are centralised. The result is that it provides a fair and equal platform for all of your vendors and gives you choice on what you should be paying.

When translation is decentralised it can be difficult to keep track of costs. The right TMS will enable you to monitor and regulate your project costs, as well as cutting right back on unnecessary infrastructure costs.

The right TMS will offer you a single source of truth.

We applaud the clear-sighted initiative of Pharmaceutical industry leaders, and it was heartening to see Alisha Alaimo of Biogen, Karan Arora of AstraZeneca, Giovanni Caforio of Bristol Myers Squibb, Bob Bradway of Amgen, Courtney Piron of Novartis, Lidia Fonseca of Pfizer, George Yancopoulos of Regeneron and  Aran Maree of Johnson & Johnson recognise the value of technology at the recent Financial Times US Pharma and Biotech Summit.

The message from this forward-thinking assembly was clear. Let’s maintain the spirit of innovation that has seen the industry fight back against COVID-19. Let’s embrace ground breaking digital technology and make it work for people who need our support. Let’s connect the first, second and third worlds into one, and keep its people healthy.

XTM International’s VP of Sales David Webb wholeheartedly agrees.

“Pharmaceutical industry leaders don’t always get the credit they deserve for moving us forward. And I do mean all of us. The innovation that’s helped us cope with COVID-19 and the genetic-focused innovations in clinical treatments benefit some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities on earth. When these pioneers seek the same levels of innovation and effectiveness in their translation technology, XTM International is happy to oblige. There’s a reason why XTM Cloud is a TMS of choice for Life Sciences leaders. If I might borrow a quote from one of the speakers at the US Pharma and Biotech Summit :      

“It’s faster, it’s more efficient, and it enables us to be more effective.“

It certainly is. It’s connecting leaders, doers and innovators. It’s helping them reach out across oceans and borders. It’s helping them speak to the world.