Ovitas CMS integration with XTM Cloud
Ovitas CMS integration with XTM Cloud illustration
AuthorWojciech Tomaszewski

Ovitas and XTM International are pleased to announce a new connector from the Ovitas CMS to XTM, the leading web-based translation technology. The integration of XTM with Ovitas CMS provides the opportunity to deploy a full content lifecycle workflow including content creation, approval, packaging, translation and publishing.

The DITA XML based content in Ovitas CMS is fully supported by XTM. Content is produced in Ovitas CMS, and then sent to XTM for translation. The files are analysed in XTM and resources assigned to tasks in the translation workflow.

Translation memory is used in XTM, to decrease the cost of translation, while increasing consistency and efficiency. Completed translations can be previewed live in context using the XTM Visual Editor. The new enhanced DITA file joining method based on DITA maps, introduced in XTM v10.3, increases translation performance as there are fewer files to navigate. When the translation is finished, files are imported back to Ovitas CMS for multi-channel publishing.

The integration of Ovitas CMS and XTM Cloud is a move forward in the field of unified content and translation management, bringing substantial benefits for users.