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Jug Half Full?

What makes a champion? Many of the qualities were on show yesterday at Royal St George’s Golf Club. At the age of 24, Collin Morakawa won the British...

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Bon Voyage

What’s your favourite train journey? For some of us it might be the one that takes us somewhere new. For others it might be the one that brings us safely...

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The Harder You Practice, The Luckier You Get

“Golf is a game of luck. The harder I practice, the luckier I get” Ben Hogan Today, the world’s finest golfers are teeing off at Royal St George’s...

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Into the Mouth of the Wolf

Some people will have woken up this morning without much enthusiasm for the start of the week. Monday isn’t everyone’s favourite day, but one person...

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55 Years of Progress

As Euro 2021 has unfolded, XTM International’s Polish, Scottish, Welsh, Spanish, German, Swiss, French, Swedish and Danish employees have seen their...

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Dream Team

In the last set of external exam results published in Britain before COVID-enforced lockdown, it was revealed that, for the first time, more girls than...

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Word of the Week XTM International

Word of the Week – Equalizer

When Alvaro Morata scored for Spain with ten minutes remaining in their Euro 2021 semi final with Italy last night, he breathed new life into his...

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