Pushing Boundaries

XTM International Monday Motivation

Pushing Boundaries

So far, the 2020s have presented us with the challenge of maintaining boundaries as much as pushing them. Simple professional and social interactions have been curbed, to the point where remote communication has become the norm. And virtual events can be hugely satisfying when like-minded professionals are brought together with a common purpose.

This week LocWorldWide44 celebrates localization, multilingualism and multiculturalism just as LocWorld events have done since 2003. The irony of discussing how language technology is bringing us closer together via video call won’t be lost on any of the speakers, exhibitors or attendees, but the more resonant message, and the one that this event will be remembered for, is that in the face of an unprecedented medical, social and economic crisis, our industry has kept moving forward. We’ve kept refining our technology, kept improving lines of communication, kept clients trading and growing, kept the world more connected and tolerant.

This week we’ll see academics, public servants and entrepreneurs share their thoughts on the state of our industry and its future. Spoiler alert – the future is bright and exciting. So if you want to know more about the harnessing of artificial intelligence in ways that empower us and make our jobs more secure and enjoyable, or if you’re interested in developments that are helping us deliver ever more focused and positive customer experiences, this is the event for you.

Appropriately, the theme of LocWorldWide44 is Pushing Boundaries.

We’re pushing the boundaries of language and culture. We’re pushing the boundaries of digital transformation. And by doing those things, we’re pushing the boundaries of human potential.

It’s going to be a great week. See you there.

XTM International are proud partners of LocWorldWide44. Join Dave Ruane and Dr. Rafał Jaworski at our keynote events on June 9th or visit us at our virtual stand.