Reaching for the Summit with XTM Cloud
Reaching for the Summit with XTM Cloud illustration
Lauren Johnston
AuthorLauren Johnston
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XTM Cloud announces the new XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager. Content management and localization have never been more seamless and time efficient. 

In 2021, we were reminded of the importance of the customer experience. 69% of digital experience professionals reported that COVID-19 had made the digital experience more important to their customers. In response, XTM Cloud is elevating the customer experience even higher with Adobe Experience Manager. 

XTM Cloud, the world’s leading cloud-based translation management system, enables users to manage localization processes and assets while connecting seamlessly with best-in-class content platforms. XTM Connect for Experience Manager gives users the ability to launch and manage their localization requests from within Experience Manager. It can be operational in just a few days, and now, with version 2.3, it delivers an even greater competitive advantage:

  • Designated Localization Project Managers can now be assigned automatically to specific projects. This enables users to save time as they won’t need to manually assign project owners while ensuring projects are always managed by the right person. 
  • With enhanced process automation, when an XTM workflow step is reopened, the updated translation file is automatically returned to Adobe Experience Manager, letting users start working on it straight away. Together we deliver less manual back-and-forth and greater productivity. All work is completed within the familiar Experience Manager environment for maximum efficiency and security.
  • With version 2.3, users can now initiate a project directly in XTM Cloud and automatically update the status of the project in Experience Manager. Seamless communication between both systems adds continuous value for the user.
  • Canceling a translation project in Experience Manager now triggers an email notification to the XTM Cloud Project Manager, saving valuable time and eliminating unnecessary work. The Project Manager can then choose whether or not the project should be deleted completely or archived, keeping them in control of their files.

Adobe contact quote: 

“ “Localization is a key component of delivering the personalized brand experiences consumers expect,” said Haresh Kumar, Director of Product Marketing at Adobe. “With unified management between Adobe Experience Manager and XTM Connect, brands can easily create localized content that saves our customers time and helps them drive business growth.” 

XTM Cloud and Adobe – together we’re making 2022 the Year of the Customer. Find out more here.