Setting the global content standard with DITA and XTM Cloud
Setting the global content standard with DITA and XTM Cloud illustration
AuthorDavid Jones
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For an architecture that was initially designed for internal use at IBM, DITA has made a striking global impact. From May 10th to May 12th, Adobe will acknowledge that impact by hosting the seventh annual Adobe DITAWORLD Online Conference. Technical Communication, Marketing, Content Management and Content Strategy experts will discuss the ways in which DITA’s evolution as a standard for technical writing has benefited them, challenged them and prompted complementary technology to evolve along with it. 

XTM Cloud’s evolution has led, among other things, to file-joining functionality in DITA content that enables visualization in context. It’s simple. It’s intelligent. It works. We see both DITA and XTM Cloud as catalysts for positive development, and we believe everyone attending Adobe DITAWORLD 2022 has the privilege and the responsibility of being a business and technology catalyst. So how can we maximize our positive influence? At XTM we do it by taking users to the heart of a technology ecosystem that enables continuous, seamless and impactful content localization. 

Alex Zekakis, XTM’s Head of Support Services, sees this functionality in action every day, and at Adobe DITAWORLD 2022 he will share the insights that matter as one of the event’s keynote speakers, joining, among others, Rob Hanna of Precision Content, Vivek Kumar and Amit Ahuja of Adobe, Julian Murfitt of Mekon, Markus Wiedenmaier of, Sarah O’Keefe of Scriptorium and tennis legend Martina Navratilova. 

XTM’s DITA functionality literally opens the language professional’s eyes to the effectiveness of a localized message. It demonstrates that standardization is not the enemy of creativity. On the contrary, it’s a platform for creativity.

Our user standards are high. At Adobe DITAWORLD, Alex Zekakis will share the inside track on how they can be maintained.

Join us there. Registration is free, and we’re saving you a seat.