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Friday Feeling XTM International

Putting Things In Context

Some public figures are lightning rods for criticism. Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has been vocal and combative on the subject of climate...

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XTM Cloud 12.7 – the language service...

XTM Cloud 12.7 gives Administrators increased flexibility to create analysis templates directly from the user interface. Project Managers will benefit from...

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Switch to XTM Workbench

Switching to XTM Workbench

With the release of XTM Cloud 12.5, XTM Workbench is the only translation environment for linguists in XTM Cloud. Its predecessor, XTM Editor, has been...

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It’s about the translation experience in v12.5

Translators expect their working environment to be fast, customizable and user friendly. In XTM Cloud 12.5 we have added extra features that improve all...

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Computer Aided Review in XTM Workbench

Feature Focus: Computer Aided Review in XTM Cloud

Regulatory compliance is making its way in to more and more industries. From startups to healthcare, big banks to tech companies, regulators are no longer...

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XTM Cloud v12.4 press release

XTM Cloud 12.4 – “Powerful Simplicity”

Powerful simplicity with the new groundbreaking CAR and Vector Space technologies.

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The best of 2019

What we are proud of in 2019

It’s the time of the year to summarize the events that made 2019 successful. This year saw us grow, win industry awards, earn new certificates, host a...

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the new XTM Workbench

Bob Willans on XTM v12: A tremendous leap forward

The new version of the enterprise-level translation management system, XTM is here. XTM v12 is set to drive the productivity of translators and project...

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