The 38th TC AsLing conference – the development of translation technology

Technology translation

The 38th TC AsLing conference – the development of translation technology

The development of translation technology

The 38th Translating and the Computer conference is an annual meeting dedicated to the development of translation technology taking place from the 17th to 18th of November in London. The conference gathers translators, researchers and tool developers from all around the world.
It offers an excellent opportunity to engage with stakeholders from all areas of the translation world.

XTM International workshop

Andrzej Zydroń, the CTO of XTM International, the leading translation management system provider, will present the workshop “Automatic Calculation of Translator Productivity Improvement when Using Machine Translation” starting at 11:00 AM on Thursday, the 17th of November.

Meet XTM International at the conference

Take the chance to talk to Andrzej and Grant Blackburn, XTM International Business Development Manager, to discover innovative, industry-leading solutions incorporated in the new XTM Cloud v10!

XTM v10 the most innovative translation technology

The new version of XTM provides an
updated interface, with significant project management improvements.
There is enhanced collaboration with instant chat using XTM Messenger, comprehensive vendor quality tracking with XTM LQA, the new Smart Filters to increase the efficiency, unprecedented mobile access for project managers through a dedicated app and a new anonymization feature for data security. XTM v10
also incorporates new or enhanced integrations with Sitecore, GIT, Interverbum’s Termweb and TAUS DQF with the XTM Connect.
Read more about the new release of XTM Cloud
with this article ”
With Version 10, XTM Goes Mobile and Adds Chat ” from Slator or visiting the dedicated page.
Meet the XTM delegates and find out how XTM translation management system can help you save money and solve your problems:

Technology Translation
Andrzej Zydroń and Grant Blackburn, at the 38th Translating and the Computer conference.

Meet XTM International delegates during the conference.