Webinars for April

Webinars for April

The beginning of April brought us more warm and sunny weather followed by fresh air in the schedule and subjects of XTM webinars. The US customers and prospect will benefit the most from these bright changes because XTM International, translation platform supplier, adjusted the timing of new webinars and will be airing them at move convenient time that better suits your working hours.

What is more, each webinar will be presented twice over the month so you do not have to worry if you miss the first one, as long as you sign up and make it to the other.

That is not all, you can now differentiate between webinars run in CET time by Mikołaj Lauer, our international training expert, and sessions scheduled for EDT time that will be conducted by John Weisgerber, our specialist dedicated for the US region, and on top of that sessions in Japanese are coming soon!

Join our webinars and learn how to work better with XTM Cloud!
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What makes a perfect localisation team in XTM?
Project management tools in XTM
Transparent cost control in XTM
Manual LQA scoring in XTM – grade your translations and generate LQA reports
Modern terminology and TM management
Agile localization challenges – how to overcome them using XTM

That is it for April. Stay tuned, and regularly visit our blog or try the trial account for free.