What Nobody Else Can Do

XTM International celebrating International Nurses Day

What Nobody Else Can Do

“To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through: that is to be a nurse”
Rawsi Williams, Nurse Advocate

Public opinion of nurses has always been high, and over the past year their standing has been elevated even more. Nurses have put themselves in harm’s way during the COVID-19 pandemic and some have paid the ultimate price. Today we celebrate International Nurses Day, and it’s a good time to reflect on the challenges the profession faces in the 2020s.

Illingworth Research, the UK-based clinical research specialist, is a leader in the enablement of home-based clinical trials. The company provides in-home and on-site research nursing services in over 40 countries across five continents.

By deploying mobile nurses, they cut out travel time for patients. By assigning the same nurses to make regular visits to the same people, they enable the building of personal rapport and deeper understanding of patient health conditions. By scheduling home visits for patients with terminal conditions, they give precious time at home to people who may not have long left.

This focus on mobility is a major step forward not only in medical treatment but also in medical communication.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a trend of digitisation in this field. Healthcare providers are reaching out to patients virtually, often via mobile devices. They are also reaching out more widely, seeking to diversify their patient pools and make clinical trials more representative of different ethnicities. That means translation, and it brings an inbuilt requirement for nuanced, agile ways of working.

Clinical translation requests may require working with patient apps, subtitled videos, online animated instructions and social media advertising. Added to that, project managers will often be inundated with last-minute changes, new source material and shifting deadlines. A flexible translation management system, enabling them to work with multiple digital file formats, seamlessly transfer content from their CMS of choice and manage projects when away from their desks, makes all the difference.

With XTM Cloud 12.7, XTM International is making precisely that difference. XTM Mobile gives Project Managers the freedom to add and update source files from any location. It also offers instant access to the most suitable linguists for any task. And the 12.7 release builds a bridge between XTM Cloud and client content management systems that’s stronger than ever, delivering the swift, smooth transfer of data our clinical translation partners need. And when it comes to subtitled videos, XTM Cloud 12.7 introduces interactive previews to the subtitling process, giving linguists full video context and enabling informed, nuanced language choices.

Illingworth’s acquisition by Syneos Health in December 2020 gave a major boost to their operational strength, and underlined Syneos’s commitment to delivering flexible healthcare solutions wherever and whenever they’re needed. This focus on patients, and on patient communication, is already benefiting customers in over 100 countries. Last week’s news that Syneos is partnering with Komodo Health, a data-driven healthcare software company, promises a new era of clinical data analysis, delivering insights that will inform clinical trial design and delivery and directly benefit patients, nurses and doctors all over the world.

The nurses we’re honouring today are already armed with talent, professionalism and compassion. What Syneos, Illingworth and XTM International all understand is that people-focused technology also arms them with the information they need to communicate with and treat their patients with a precision that would previously have been unimaginable.

Our Vice President of European Sales David Webb understands it as well as anyone:

“Nurses are heroes. They do what nobody else can do. And at XTM International we’re proud to play a part in helping them do it in the most agile, connected way possible.”

Happy International Nurses Day!