XTM Cloud 12.9 – Making a good thing even better

XTM Cloud 12.9 – Making a good thing even better

As we approach the end of 2021, XTM International is closing the loop on a series of notable product developments with XTM Cloud 12.9, the final release of the calendar year.

The hallmarks of this release are more streamlined functionality, enhanced connectivity with best in class CMS and MT providers, light touch project management and XTM Workbench improvements. XTM Cloud 12.9 marks another step forward for the intelligent localization hub that has served users so well in 2021.

“At XTM International, we pay attention to the stability and performance of our TMS. Our development teams regularly assess the capabilities of the system’s technical infrastructure to make sure users always enjoy optimal performance. XTM Cloud 12.9 focuses strongly on quality control. Exhaustive testing at every stage of the development process has delivered a rich and reliable feature set.”

Sara Basile, XTM International Product Manager


Connecting you to global growth

XTM Cloud 12.9 provides a link with best in class digital experience platforms while nurturing existing partnerships with leading CMS providers.

An upgraded connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) meets the standards of the Adobe cloud environment. The entire localization process can be managed and tracked within a single workflow.

A new connector has been developed with market-leading web CMS and digital marketing suite Episerver, now rebranded as Optimizely following the merger of Episerver and Optimizely that creates a formidable digital experience platform. The new connector gives users access to XTM’s CAT tool, translation memory and terminology management.

New REST API methods enable users to:

  •   Obtain edit distance calculation scores
  •   Get or set due dates for projects, languages jobs and tasks
  •   Find projects by the project name and block creation of a project if another project with the same name already exists

MT augmenting human intelligence

XTM Cloud harmonizes with world-class MT providers to automate translation of highly sensitive enterprise content quickly and securely. Instead of going through every MT provider’s offering, XTM Cloud assembles market-leading MT engines in one place. And the offering keeps growing, just like the language support for existing MT engines. XTM Cloud 12.9 offers extended language support for DeepL and Google MT as well as access to the SAP Translation Hub and enhancements to SmartMATE.

SAP Translation Hub, an MT engine provided by SAP is now integrated with XTM Cloud to deliver high quality translations using highly customizable workflows. Content is automatically sent from XTM Cloud to SAP Translation Hub and MT matches are immediately returned for human post-editing.

The SmartMATE MT engine now improves the accuracy of inline tag placement, saving time and effort in post-editing.

DeepL integration has been updated to support Danish as the source language. And the integration with Google MT has been updated to offer support for the following languages:

Turkmen (Turkmen Turkic or Turkmen Turkish) spoken by Turkmens of Central Asia, Turkmenistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

Kinyarwanda, the language spoken across Rwanda, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and parts of Uganda.

Tatar, the language spoken by inhabitants of European Russia and Siberia.

Uyghur, widely used in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Odia (Oriya), one of the official languages of India.

Managing projects with a light touch

XTM Cloud 12.9 delivers efficiencies where localization professionals need them the most, including in file analysis, project search and project outsourcing.

The functionality that enabled users to set up filter templates in MS Excel has now been extended to include MS Word. It’s now straightforward to create templates in Word, swiftly excluding unnecessary text.

A new searchable value, “in progress”, enables project managers to search  all in progress projects without the need to select workflow steps that are “not finished” or “not started”.

Workflow assignments can now be fully automated at project level, even in cases where a project template is not used during project creation.

XTM Cloud 12.9 introduces support for new languages and language variants including Krio, an English-based Creole language spoken in Sierra Leone, the Latin script for Hindi and the Latin script for Hausa, a Chadic language spoken in parts of Niger and Nigeria.

XTM Cloud 12.9 enables users to start, manage and finish important assignments entirely on their own terms.

Taking shortcuts to higher productivity

With this final release of 2021, we’ve kept improving the translator environment so users can get more work done, more quickly and to a higher standard. Productivity enhancements in this release include:

New shortcuts for faster navigation of XTM Workbench.

Displaying available shortcuts in tooltips for better user experience. Users can quickly check if a shortcut has been assigned to a specific action.

Monolingual term extraction refined

Refining terminology lists to identify the best term candidates takes time. With XTM Cloud 12.9, glossary or text index creation gets faster and more convenient thanks to AI-enhanced monolingual term extraction that places the most relevant term candidates at the top of the terminology list.

With XTM Cloud 12.9, we’re ending 2021 where we started it, on the top rung of the translation management system ladder. We’re making a good thing even better. We’re delivering added value where precisely users tell us they need it. Because if it matters to you, it matters to us.