Enhanced user experience with XTM Cloud 13.2

XTM Cloud 13.2 enhanced user experience

Enhanced user experience with XTM Cloud 13.2

While a robust platform tailored to your needs is the cornerstone of a good Translation Management System (TMS), a user-friendly interface also plays a major role in making the translation process as smooth and efficient as possible. We are on a mission to make the best even better by bringing you an enhanced user experience one module at a time. With XTM Cloud 13.2, we’ve focused on three key UI improvements:

Let’s look at each of these improvements, as well as the other new and exciting features now available in XTM Cloud 13.2!

Localize content more efficiently

Filter Templates are one of the most powerful features in XTM Cloud, as they enable Administrators to define rules for filtering out content that doesn’t need to be translated. Whether it’s a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, filter templates provide the flexibility to exclude text from translation projects, based on a wide variety of attributes, such as hyperlinks, comments, tables, hidden text, numbers, and even font formatting. This advanced level of configurability gives you the power and flexibility to choose what gets sent or excluded from localization projects, resulting in:

  • Faster delivery
  • Optimized costs
  • Robust confidentiality 

This powerful feature was redesigned, and now templates are created and updated faster, while providing additional step-by-step guidance. This provides more control of what is sent for translation and reduces the potential for confusion. Sara Basile, our Product Manager, explains how her team’s redesigned the UI:

We ran a number of usability tests that highlighted what improvements were needed to make filter templates more user friendly. We redesigned the interface completely, ensuring that it shows all the required information at the right time, including step-by-step guidance when creating or amending a template. We’ve removed anything that could lead to confusion, while adding clarification on key elements, such as whether a filter will be applied on a project level, customer level, or global level.”

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International

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Enjoy a seamless user experience

If you’ve ever tried archiving or activating a large number of projects at once and wondered if your request went through, here’s some good news for you. The Project module has been updated to display clear messages and icons, keeping you updated on project statuses in real time. This also means other PMs working on the same projects will get live updates as well, making teamwork a lot easier. We’ve made some simple but clear additions to the UI:

  • In-progress icons now appear next to project names to indicate ongoing updates
  • Additional information is available when hovering over the icon
  • New and bulk actions on a specific project are disabled when that project is already in the process of being activated or archived, with a clear explanatory message

Sara Basile explains the reasoning behind this redesign:

We noticed some of our users got confused when trying to archive or activate bigger projects — there was no indication of what was in progress, sometimes leaving them wondering if the projects were indeed being reactivated/archived or not. Therefore, we introduced new icons and notifications that instantly update project managers or project statuses, ensuring they always have full visibility over what is happening.”

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International

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Get greater insights into project statuses

This last UI improvement was specifically designed for those of you who use our API, either through SDK or XTM Connect. A brand new tab has been added to enable you to track all API callbacks. This way, admins always have a view of what is going on and can easily track callback status and spot issues. That’s not all. You can also easily filter callbacks by Status, Type, Project, Dates and access the right one in just a few clicks. This way, you can see if a callback was successful, or access further details on why it wasn’t, identify the cause, and solve the issue. Here’s Sara Basile’s take on why this is important:

Let’s say that a content owner creates a translation project in Contentful. The linguist works on the translation project in XTM Cloud, and the file is automatically sent back to Contentful as soon as it’s ready. When the linguist completes their task, XTM Cloud sends a number of callbacks to trigger the translated file, but fails. The XTM Cloud admin, who monitors the callbacks, notices that something is wrong as the callback has failed. They look into the data and realize that Contentful is down. In that case, they can not only investigate the issue further but can also inform the PM to manually grab the file straight from XTM Cloud and send it to the content owner to avoid additional delays, who can publish the localized content on time. This empowers our users to troubleshoot everything autonomously and own the entire process.”

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International

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Other features in XTM Cloud 13.2

Support for AsciiDoc

This is one of the most requested file processing features in XTM Wish List, XTM’s feature-request platform! XTM Cloud can now extract translatable content from AsciiDoc files a plain-text document format for writing notes, articles, documentation, books, and more   automatically, making it easier to translate this type of content.

API Improvements

  • It is now possible for API users to specify subject matter when creating a new project through API (automotive, finance, etc…), making it easier to sort and manage your localization projects in the right domain.
  • We’re providing you with more flexibility as you are now able to add target languages per file in a project without uploading or updating files multiple times. This means that within a localization project, you can choose to only add target languages for some of the project files by just specifying their file ID. That way, content only gets translated into relevant languages for your target audience while your API calls are optimized.
  • You can now select a project manager when creating a project, meaning the person creating the project will not become the default PM, ensuring the right person is assigned to the project.
  • When being accessed through API, Workbench can display or hide the “Finish” button. This setting will now be managed from the Global settings to ensure the right process can be followed by linguists.
  • The REST API method to obtain statistics based on specific criteria has been enhanced to now include user ID, user name and user type in the response.

Dutch added to the QA profile

It is now possible to create language-specific QA profiles for Dutch, ensuring you can get the highest quality of localized content and provide linguists with appropriate quality guidelines.

New languages and new language variants

Each release of XTM Cloud introduces new language variants for all our users and this one is no exception! We’re pleased to introduce support for Mam (Guatemalan), Valencian (Spain), Aranese (Spain), Hindi (Simplified) and Buli (Ghana). 

From Turkey to Türkiye

Turkey has requested to be recognized internationally by its Turkish name Türkiye, and this change has been reflected in XTM Cloud.

MT updates

  • XTM Cloud now features advanced Intento configuration options for Administrators, making it simple and straightforward to add Intento as their custom MT.
  • Amplexor MT has been renamed Acolad MT.
  • SDL BeGlobal MT and Iconic MT are now no longer listed as separate MTs and are now combined under the new RWS Language Weaver logo.

Pre-processing projects updates

We understand different users will have different ways of working, and we want to make sure you can work the way that works best for you. Therefore, we’ve made it possible to manage pre-processing workflows and assign linguists from the Action tab, not just the Project tab. This gives you more flexibility and the ability to choose your preferred way to manage pre-processing steps.

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