XTM Cloud 13.3: Better project management
XTM Cloud 13.3: Better project management illustration
Melissa Favre-Lorraine
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Last week, we announced the release of AI-powered quality checks that will help safeguard your brand image. For now, these features are only available in our beta program.  Today, we’ll focus on project management. We’ve made some key improvements to the Project module, along with enhancements to our Query Management Module, which we think you’ll love.

Better project management

This set of improvements is coming straight from the top of the XTM Wish List, our product request platform, and we could not wait to announce them! A few things are changing on the Projects page:

  • The project list switchers have been updated to enable better and faster project management. You can now filter for ‘Active’, ‘Archived’, or ‘Auto archived’ projects with just one click, so you can quickly find the ones you want to focus on.

  • The advanced search now lets you find projects based on your last modified date while ensuring only active projects are shown by default. This added filter and new default view provide you with more relevant search results, so you can find key projects faster.

  • Your last performed advanced search will be remembered even if you leave the Projects page, saving you time if you need to view it again and ensuring your last view is shown by default.

Sara Basile

Project managers typically run many different projects simultaneously. Turnaround times become shorter, and volumes become higher, although resources do not increase. The pressure to deliver high-quality content on time becomes greater every day. It is important that project managers are equipped with the right tools that make their work efficient and enable them to spend their time on value-adding tasks. With 13.3, we’re enabling them to find and manage their projects more efficiently, removing on average 3 to 4 clicks each time they perform a search. This quickly results in precious hours saved at the end of each month.”

Sara Basile

Product Director at XTM

Coming next…

In our Q4 2023 releases of XTM Cloud, we’ll keep evolving the way project managers can find and manage projects by improving the project filter functionality. This will make it even easier to access relevant projects right away.

New Query Management features

Since we released our Query Management Module in XTM Cloud 13.1, we’ve enhanced the functionality with each release. In  13.3 we’re introducing a concept that will optimize the way queries are raised, answered, and browsed: public chats. All communications related to queries used to be private by default, but it meant that project managers sometimes had to share the same information several times, which wasn’t a good use of their time.

Now, you can create public chats, which can be used as:

  • Knowledge bases
  • Guidelines
  • A way to share context with linguists

This way, linguists can browse through public chats and filter them by project, language pair, customer, and key words in segments, leveraging existing information. This removes the need to ask project managers for clarification and speeds up the process. With publicly shared information, guidance is always at hand and doesn’t get lost in emails. Plus, when working on a project, both public and private chats will be accessible from Workbench, ensuring linguists have everything they need to produce high-quality content. everything they need to produce high-quality content.

In this release, we’re also addressing a challenge our API and XTM Connect users may be familiar with. More and more, projects are created using automation, without requiring human input. In these cases, if a linguist raises a query for a project created by API, no project managers will be added to the private chat, and the query may be missed. With public queries, project managers can monitor and add themselves to the chats that are public, and answer any questions linguists have without having to leave the interface.

Watch this space

We still have more features to introduce for XTM Cloud 13.3. Next week, we’ll cover which XTM Labs features have been released in 13.3. XTM Labs is an initiative giving our users early access to some of the feature ideas they submit via the XTM Wish List.

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