XTM Cloud 13.3: The Future of Translation Management Systems
XTM Cloud 13.3: The Future of Translation Management Systems illustration
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AI is becoming an increasingly hot topic, with new technologies being released at a rapid pace. As industry pioneers, our goal is to continue to be the platform of choice for enterprises as we leverage the power of new generative AI. We’re extremely excited to announce a number of key improvements with XTM Cloud 13.3, starting with our AI-powered quality checks for non-inclusive and offensive language, available in closed beta. These new features are unique and make XTM Cloud stand out from the competition.

Andrzej Zydroń

We are very excited by the new AI NLP features in this version, specifically the AI-powered quality checks for non-inclusive language as well as the quality threshold feature. Language appropriateness is very important in today’s world, where insensitive language can cause customers to negatively perceive the message being conveyed. Translation quality threshold checks can help in assessing human and machine translation output and are an important step to helping reviewers home in on translated segments that require closer scrutiny, thus increasing productivity.’’

Andrzej Zydroń


Safeguard your brand image with AI-powered quality checks [closed beta]

Creating appropriately localized content is a crucial component of safeguarding your brand image and, in turn, driving additional revenue. To do so, new content needs to meet an increasing number of requirements to satisfy your audience’s evolving needs, such as:

  • Using inclusive language globally
  • Ensuring no inappropriate or offensive language is used globally
  • Guaranteeing a high level of quality and consistency

With version 13.3, our beta testers will be able to try the automatic identification of offensive or discriminatory language within XTM Workbench, our CAT tool. When this option is enabled, non-inclusive or inappropriate language will be flagged, even if these terms aren’t part of your Terminology. For instance, terms like ‘christian name’ in English will be flagged as inappropriate and result in a quality error, and the more appropriate ‘first name’ or ‘given name’ alternatives will be suggested. We currently support German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese as target languages.

Also available in beta, in addition to flagging non-inclusive terms, XTM Workbench can now pick up on sentences that fall under a certain quality standard. Each segment will be assessed based on grammar, typos, appropriateness, and accuracy, regardless of whether it comes from machine translation or a linguist. Anything below a certain score will flag an error in Workbench, highlighting all the issues and providing guidance so linguists know how to improve each segment.

These are important steps forward for the localization industry, providing new ways for enterprises to mitigate risk. Having additional checks to significantly reduce the possibility that poorly localized content gets published is critical for preserving your brand image in all markets. Imagine a scenario where an e-commerce company that sells baby clothes needs to translate and localize all product descriptions for their online store. XTM Cloud 13.3 helps them protect their brand image by automatically identifying non-inclusive language, such as ‘mothering’ and suggesting ‘parenting’ instead.

Added benefits are significant time and cost savings: linguists will be able to translate and review content faster, without having to interrupt their work to reference offline style guides or dictionaries, as the suggestions appear directly and automatically in the interface, avoiding any potential rework.

Coming next…

Soon, these new features will be available to all XTM Cloud users. We’ll also expand on this functionality, adding configuration and customization options for inappropriate or discriminatory terms and quality thresholds. This will give you new and creative ways to always stay in control of your global brand voice and quality.

Save time with our refreshed user interface

With XTM Cloud 13.2, we introduced our redesigned UI for filter templates. As we keep evolving our interface’s look and feel to provide a better user experience, this is what’s changing for this release:

  • The User details page has been completely redesigned to be not only more in line with current UI best practices, but also to make it easier to manage your profile information
  • The Project templates page has been updated to provide better navigation between pages by enabling you to move forward/back from both the bottom and the top of the page without having to scroll
  • The Proposals tab in the project estimates can be disabled, making the Cost tab easier to access if it is the only one you require

Coming next…

Following our brand refresh in March 2023, XTM Cloud will have a similar look and feel. What you will see will be an entirely redesigned interface, in line with our new website. We’re extremely excited about what’s coming next, as it will significantly enhance our user experience, and we cannot wait to make it available to everyone with the next release.

On top of an entire redesign, we’re also tackling one of our key features: workflows. As one of the core and strongest components of XTM Cloud, we’re redesigning our workflow editor to make it easier to create, manage, and track workflows.

Watch this space

XTM Cloud 13.3 is packed with new features. This article has covered the highlights, but there’s more! We’re also introducing new project management enhancements, adding Query Management features, making some XTM Labs features live, and introducing a number of new features that open up brand new possibilities for admins, linguists, and project managers. Next week, we’ll cover how 13.3 speeds up all project-related tasks.

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