XTM Cloud v10.1, the online Translation Management System – free update

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XTM Cloud v10.1, the online Translation Management System – free update

London – 18 December 2016

XTM International has released XTM Cloud v10.1,
the award-winning online translation management system builds on the success of XTM v10. Users will see that the collaboration and quality management features introduced in XTM v10 have been enhanced and some useful additional features introduced.

XTM Messenger: the unique solution for the localization market

XTM Messenger, the chat feature accessed directly from within the program, is unique to XTM. With the new update, XTM Messenger has been enhanced.

integration with the TAUS DQF

The integration with the TAUS DQF which was started in XTM v10, now allows users to submit LQA results. Users can display translation quality results in the TAUS DQF dashboard in addition to the productivity reports.

The updated user quality rating section

The user quality rating section in XTM has been updated. XTM
translation management system tracks the punctuality of deliveries creating a reliability record for each user. Thanks to this new functionality, localization managers can easily assign dependable vendors to the most critical projects.

XTM Cloud v10.1, the online translation management system

Other features introduced in XTM v10.1 include the ability to add formatting to the target text, options for users to set their availability for work and the possibility to select priorities for translation memory matches.

Read the release notes to find out more about the new features.


XTM International develops XTM, an award-winning online Translation Management System, available via the cloud or on your own servers. The centrally shared TM, terminology, workflow and translator workbench are all accessed via a browser. XTM is cost-effective, easy to use, includes filters for all common file types and is built for collaboration. Our global customers range include some of the world’s largest LSPs and enterprises.


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