XTM Cloud v10.5: Versatile, Connected and Ergonomic
XTM Cloud v10.5: Versatile, Connected and Ergonomic illustration
AuthorWojciech Tomaszewski

XTM International announces XTM v10.5. The new version of the XTM translation management system introduces new features and improvements. It is more versatile, connected and ergonomic.

More versatile

The new version of XTM now supports XLIFF Source files generated by SDL WorldServer. The matches contained in the XLIFF file are displayed in XTM Editor for the translator to use. Also, XLIFF files can be machine translated off line and the resulting MT matches are now displayed in the XTM Editor

The XTM engine has been upgraded to process JSON files, which are in the International Components for Unicode (ICU) message format. SVGZ source files are also supported. Usually SVGZ files are much smaller compared to their uncompressed SVG format, saving time to process and hard drive space.

Better connected

A new connector for Zendesk has been added to the family of XTM Connectors. It allows users to select knowledge base articles for translation directly within XTM. The translated articles are published automatically, increasing efficiency.

A new REST API has been developed. Third party applications can use it to initiate projects and obtain translation data, without accessing the user interface. This expands XTM’s connectivity allowing third party services & software suppliers to build new integrations. More REST API methods will be added soon.

Highly ergonomic

XTM has become more ergonomic and more user friendly. XTM Visual Editor can show additional context for XML source files by displaying them similarly to code editors, such as Notepad++. XTM Editor has also been extended to support interactive previews of XML files, in which users can click a string to go the corresponding segment.

Chat conversations are easier to follow as they can now include the user’s image and all the names of the chat participants are displayed in a tool tip. Additionally, the most recently generated reports are available for download multiple times without regenerating them, and nicknames can now be included when importing users from an Excel file.

XTM Portal

The existing XTM Portal has been rebuilt from scratch giving it a more modern look and feel and making it far easier to customise and maintain. Unregistered customers can use it to request translations and pay online. Completed translations can be delivered directly to customers’ email boxes without delays caused by manual file handling.

XTM Mobile app

New updates greatly extend the app functionality. Localization project managers can now use the app to create new users. They can monitor the translation progress or check project metrics to see the wordcount or total characters in the project.

Other features & improvements

XTM can send data to TAUS DQF, even for users who do not have their own TAUS account. If users sign up for TAUS later, they can access all the collected data. Term extraction, decoration and concordance have been improved for Japanese; the system has had further enhancements to security.

This latest version of XTM caters to users’ needs even more than before. We are confident that new and existing users of XTM will benefit from these improvements, making their tasks easier and them more efficient.


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