XTM Connect – Adobe Marketo Engage 2.6 has arrived!

xtm connect Adoble Marketo Engage update

XTM Connect – Adobe Marketo Engage 2.6 has arrived!

Introducing support for tokens and dynamic content

Adobe Marketo Engage, an Adobe-owned marketing automation platform, was built to help organizations automate and measure marketing engagement, tasks and workflows. This powerful solution enables marketers to target qualified leads, generate opportunities and execute automated, personalized marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels.

We’ll start off with a quick recap of our existing integration with Adobe Marketo Engage, followed by a description of the new features.

XTM Connect – Adobe Marketo Engage

Using our Adobe Marketo Engage connector, content managers can send content for translation without having to leave the interface. The connector enables them to easily start a localization project, choose content, and select target languages, workflows and due dates. Linguists receive the project directly in XTM Cloud, where they can preview the content in context using Visual mode, and have full access to Translation Memories and Terminology, they complete the project once the work is done. Adobe Marketo Engage content managers will receive the localized files automatically, and can track progress thanks to the seamless integration between the two platforms offered by XTM Connect. Plus, support for continuous localization ensures localized content is always up to date. When a source file is updated, the localization project automatically reflects these changes, ensuring linguists are always working off the latest version. This is of particular importance for software localization, where updates can typically be made on a continuous basis.

What’s new in XTM Connect – Adobe Marketo Engage 2.6

We’re pleased to introduce two new features, which will be particularly useful to both linguists and content managers.

Support for dynamic content

Adobe Marketo Engage enables content managers to segment their content assets easily by using dynamic content. This functionality can be used to target different regions, audiences, or personas when creating emails, landing pages or snippets. Our connector is now able to recognize and export this dynamic content, ensuring everything gets sent for translation. Project managers don’t need to manually add dynamic content to localization projects, which saves them time.

This kind of content segmentation can be used by a global software company, for instance, to create different types of communications without having to create separate emails for each version — which can be a time-consuming process! The marketing team could use dynamic content in the body of their emails for multilingual communications, such as internal quarterly update emails going to 5 different countries, with each segment representing a target language. This saves them having to create different versions of the same email for each language, as the design, header and footer would be the same.

Support for tokens

Tokens, which are not translatable content, such as date formatting or HTML tags, will now automatically be turned into inline tags in XTM Cloud. As tokens are regularly used in a variety of assets, this ensures that linguists won’t get distracted or confused by them — it will be clear they are not part of the content that needs to be translated. Plus, as these inline tags are protected and locked, there is no risk for linguists to edit them by mistake. This way, when the translation is complete and sent back to Adobe Marketo Engage, the tokens are automatically put back in their place and the tags function correctly.

We’re excited by these updates to XTM Connect – Adobe Marketo Engage 2.  In our connectors team, we are continuously adding new features to our broad range of connectors. From CMS and Marketing Automation, to Design and Business Tools, and more, automate your content localization with XTM Connect.

Are you interested in these new features?