XTM International and Systran – Delivering the perfect match with AI-enhanced TM
XTM International and Systran – Delivering the perfect match with AI-enhanced TM illustration
AuthorDavid Jones
XTM Content Team
AuthorXTM Content Team
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XTM International today announced a major step forward in language technology, by partnering with NMT provider SYSTRAN.

“AI-enhanced TM” speedily converts mid-level fuzzy matches into functional translations, bringing a new level of clarity, consistency and cost-effectiveness to global communication.

The new feature, released as part of XTM Cloud 13.0, works by providing mid-level fuzzy (partial) translation matches coming from Translation Memory to the Machine Translation engine which adds in relevant missing text to produce an accurate translation. The task is completed instantly, requiring little or no rework. The process is effective for matches in the 75% to 84% fuzzy category, which until now has been data with little value. This ensures that previously translated segments are leveraged, and that the right terminology is always used, so linguists can deliver high-quality content, more quickly and consistently.

This addresses a familiar challenge in the localization industry; how to make practical use of previous translated content where a partial match exists. Millions of words – millions of potential language assets – can now be brought into play for the benefit of the user.

XTM International CEO Bob Willans is excited by this leap forward.

XTM’s strategic partnership with SYSTRAN is a perfect example of our drive to unite best-in-class products for the benefit of our clients. It is a standard feature of the XTM subscription, so all of our clients can take advantage of this brand new AI-enhanced TM functionality. Language professionals take pride in their work and are always looking for a perfect match. It’s immensely satisfying to deliver that benefit. AI-enhanced TM delivers perfect translation matches that were there all along. It just required this game-changing tech partnership to reveal them.

Bob Willans, CEO, XTM International

SYSTRAN has a 50 year track record of MT innovation, and is a pioneer in Neural Machine Translation development. CEO Jean Senellart recognizes that now that Machine Translation has reached its maturity, it’s time to make good practical use of the technology to add more value to customers.

NMT as a technological innovation is complete. Now we move into the productization and niche utilization of NMT. AI-enhanced TM is a quantum leap in language technology, transforming incomplete data into a coherent message. This collaboration is a game-changer to us and our joint customers and will bring more volumes through machine translation systems.”

Jean Senallart, CEO, SYSTRAN

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