XTM International at the LocWorld31 conference


XTM International at the LocWorld31 conference

The next biggest localization industry conference in the world is taking place from the 8th to 10th of June in Dublin, Ireland. The conference program is rich and offers a number of riveting sessions to join.

Come to the Liffey Hall 2 on the 9th of June and listen to Andrzej Zydroń, CTO of XTM International, and Josef van Genabith discuss the New Frontiers in MT and the Value of Big Data to discover that machine translation has not reached its limits.
XTM International, the leading translation management provider, has been a frequent exhibitor at LocWorld conferences including the latest LocWorld30 held in Tokyo where it engaged Japanese visitors soon after opening the new office in Japan.
Visit booth no. 24 and meet XTM International delegates:

Bob Willans
Shamus Dermody
Sales Director
Andrzej Zydroń
Grant Blackburn
Business Development Manager
Camillo Brena
Marketing & Training Manager
Dominick Kelly
Client Solution Manager – EMEA
DavidDavid Benotmane
Language Technology Consultant

Talk to the delegates to learn how XTM can help you engage customers worldwide, shorten your time to market, reduce translation costs and offer more synergized benefits from an award winning translation management system integrated with an advanced Computer Aided Translation environment.
Also learn the great news! XTM International is launching XTM Academy — a resource centre with all the knowledge about XTM Cloud and Suite together in one place at your fingertips. Learn to fly with XTM Cloud translation management system still in June. Coming soon!
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