XTM International releases XTM Cloud v11.5.
XTM International releases XTM Cloud v11.5. illustration
AuthorWojciech Tomaszewski

London, December 16, 2018 — A new version of the localization platform developed by XTM International has been released to the market. XTM Cloud version 11.5 is a major step ahead in localization workflow automation, project cost management, and customization of XTM Portal.

More connectors, more automation, more opportunities
The new version of XTM offers improvements to the existing integrations. There is a brand-new user interface developed for XTM Connect – Change Control for Git. It enables users to search manually for files in the configured repositories and hand pick them for translation. Thanks to that, non-technical users can now select source files for translation in an intuitive application environment. Moreover, the connector has been enhanced with options to include the name of the branch in the project name or to specify multiple target directories for the localized files to support sophisticated localization workflows.

The next generation of XTM Portal

XTM Portal, the payments-enabled front-end application connecting translation buyers with language service providers is now more customizable. The appearance and layout of the pages can be arranged to match the customer’s style, needs, and taste. The new possibilities are almost limitless as page specific.css files can be modified. User access control has been increased too. Administrators can now choose which XTM Portal pages can be displayed to logged in users only.

Cost-wise localization

Project authorization dependent on cost approval has been introduced to XTM. It comes with new Cost approver and Cost manager roles that impose greater control over project costs. This new feature helps ensure that translation work does not exceed the budget or is not outsourced at disadvantageous rates. Another project cost focused feature added in XTM Cloud v11.5 allows enterprises to measure actual LSP linguistic efforts by tracking the time LSP linguists spent on translation.

Higher flexibility

With support for 30 new languages, making a total of 350 different languages and language variants that are available in XTM; and a new file filter developed as stage 1 of adding support for Madcap Flare source file packages, XTM flexibility has greatly increased.

Increased concordance accuracy & bidirectional translation efficiency

The concordance functionality has been extended in the XTM Editor with options to only search for an exact match, a phrase match or a broad match. In this way linguists can choose to see results that are exactly the same as the concordance search phrase, results that include all of the words from the search phrase or results that can include any of the searched words.

The mechanism of text direction change is more convenient now that LRE or RLE and PDF text direction marks that specify left-to-right or right-to-left text orientation can be easily applied to the text selected in the XTM Editor. The new feature simplifies translation of bidirectional texts with frequent quotes or references.

Other new features and updates

Other improvements include the option to use Microsoft Translator as a neural, GDPR compliant machine translation engine or the option to add source text meta data as comments or as a new column in the XTM Editor for projects created by XTM Connect for Google Sheets.

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