XTM International Takes Its Partnership With Adobe To The Next Level
XTM International Takes Its Partnership With Adobe To The Next Level illustration
Aleix Gwilliam
AuthorAleix Gwilliam
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XTM International is delighted to announce that it has strengthened its partnership with Adobe by becoming an Accelerate-level partner. This will further improve the connections between the two companies which has seen the integration between XTM’s world-leading Translation Management System and Adobe Experience Manager allow global users to speed up their go-to-market strategies by creating a seamless, centralized localization strategy powered by intelligent AI.

As an indication of its commitment to its partnership with Adobe, XTM continuously optimizes connectivity between XTM Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud to offer joint customers a solution which allows them to maintain consistency, collaborate efficiently across different departments, manage budgets and resources more effectively and tailor workflows for scale and flexibility all in real time and without sacrificing quality.

Lauren Johnston, Partner Development Manager at XTM International, shared her excitement at what this new level of collaboration holds in store for XTM Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud users around the world: “It is a great time to be heading the Adobe partnership at XTM. The team is developing industry-leading connectivity between XTM and Adobe Experience Cloud to help future-proof our customers’ localization strategies.”

Upcoming features to the Adobe Experience Manager connector will enable users to always keep their localized content fresh and up to date thanks to newly introduced performance and scalability improvements. Additionally, the Adobe Marketo Engage connector now recognizes non-translatable content and converts it into inline tags to streamline the translation process and make it more efficient. 

Stephen Moulton, Senior Partner Program Manager at Adobe also expressed his satisfaction at the partnership: “We are extremely pleased to have XTM International as an Accelerate partner in our Adobe Exchange Partner Program. As Adobe continues its transition to the cloud, it is great to have cloud-native partners such as XTM International to give our customers access to a seamless cloud-based solution that speeds up time-to-market, giving our joint customers the power to reach their customers quickly without sacrificing quality.”

These upcoming releases reinforce this growing partnership, as both XTM International and Adobe continue to provide a best-in-class experience for its users and help them optimize their continuous-localization process.

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